How to involve your kids in decor and interior of your house!

This morning I want to tell you a story… Everything started 2 years ago… a tube broke in Luna’s...
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How to catch back a happy daily life after vacation for a September ‘No stress’!

If like me, you are a mother who works, who has passions and a family management to move forward,...
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Floral Style 2018, from Cracco to Hermes the world is in bloom!

2018 is the undisputed affirmation of Floral Style, the floral style ... It is definitely the most...
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Ultra Violet 18-3838: Love or just a moment of Passion?

Ultra violet 18-3838: love or just a moment of passion? It’s a shade of vibrant violet, the color...
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Pink and Gold inspirations…for a Glam Spring

Pink is definitely one of my favorite colors, even in furnishing. In Scandinavian countries, for example, it is considered a "positive" color that is synonymous of confidence and optimism for the future. This is the reason why I have literally fallen in love with a particular inspiration related...
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Design a Garden or a Terrace easily with “Dettagli di Stile”

This is the perfect time to open terraces and to regenerate the outside spaces of our homes. The arrival of Spring season, as well as making us feel in a good mood, makes our days better with the colors and the lively atmosphere of open air. Living the house enjoying the outdoors is magic and...
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Unicorn Style: Magic has no Age!

Unicorn Style is a real trend right now. It’s becoming so popular not only into the Interior Design market, but also into the Industrial Design, into the make up, into the nail art, the food and also into the clothing market. We can actually find white flying unicorns and My Little Pony into the...
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Let’s invite with Manners and Style!

Receive has always been one of the things I really enjoy doing. From a simple tea with friends to a barbecue on the terrace, to a formal sitting lunch, I try to respect simple basic rules or if you prefer, of table etiquette. I find that a table set according to the rules of etiquette is easier to...
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Welcome back Wallpaper

The wallpaper, now back in vogue for a few years, if placed in the right place and in the right way, can be the added value of your home, a note of color that has the power to "warm up" the coldest and minimalest rooms and give that touch of originality able to enhance and often enhance the whole...
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Iris Apfel: Timeless Style Icon

In this article I want to share with you the story of a very successful woman who still today at the age of 97 is an icon of Style, source of inspiration for generations and great inspiration for me too: the New York entrepreneur and interior designer Iris Apfel. One...

Your Best Lifestyle with Marie Kondo

To start the year in the right way and with the best energy charge is essential to debug the good intentions also at home. So, before jump forward on what to buy and then draw a super detailed Shopping To Do List of mine ( of welcome to the new...

Living Coral: The Pantone Color of 2019

Officially denominate by Pantone experts, the color of 2019 is definitely the Living Coral, a perfect fusion between orange and pink flamingo, the great protagonist of fashion and design trends. So, why not use it also on house walls...? Max Meier has already...

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