New Monday…
New week…
New goals…

At home as in life, Monday reminds us that a new week has started and there are “things to do”.

My advice is to divide things in:

  1. Important
  2. Urgent

So take off the thought of the urgent. If you can delegate something to the rest of the family, or to someone who can help you for the management of the biggest, for the rest do it on your own, now.

Then pass on the important things that you must do, but you can reschedule them taking some hours during the week to plan them. And not beyond, or you risk to procrastinate.

A good planning will help you keep the house not only cleaned but also tidy, inside the drawers and the doors of the closets and especially around you. And also energy will flow better.

Another advice is to always have the situation under control and not to delay forever the duties that otherwise they will become impassable and it’ll be more demanding.

Take a list in your hand of the things to do: assign a specific day and a maximum time (by when it has to be done).

So, if today we delay the cleanup of the tidying up of the terrace behind our home, that we planned to do today, we assign a day in which we’ll dedicate to it, for example this Thursday, and we schedule it, but without going too far.

How to do if we decide to tidy up a little environment at home or the kitchen’s drawers?

We scheduled our important action to do at home and now have arrived Monday to making everything in order. But what does this mean actually?

To handle something, different, accumulated in a period of time, in a determined place, that should take it to its ideal condition, to live well.

This didn’t mean to take off from a part and accumulate in another. Unfortunately we didn’t make anything in order, we just moved thing from a place to another.

Why am I saying this?

Because I’m an extremely neat person and for years I handled order and storage with the help of the Saint basement, until when I wasn’t able to enter and I had to get help to empty it and decide to throw or to give, because there was no space to even enter.

Until I learnt…

When now I put order in my studio, for instance, which is the place where I accumulate the most and the most different things, then I operate according to precise standards.

I decided to make order (which apparently there is, all stacked in the tubs, but that at some point risk to collapse)

I have 3 chances:

  1. I archive the documents, business cards, magazines (in established places).
  2. I give them
  3. I throw them away

There’s no other option, and with this I’m able to keep everything in control without accumulating.

And you, how do you keep in order without storage?

Viviana Grunert