Viviana Grunert

This Blog was born in 2017 from my great passion for home and interior, and I like to define myself more than an Interior Designer as a Home Stylist, the one who dresses the house, in the round.

How can I do? Creating a harmonious and organized decor with who lives it, sometimes not starting from scratch but changing a few elements ready to improve the ambience, elements that I have called ‘Dettagli di Stile’.

The subtitle of the Blog is just ‘Dettagli di Stile’, which for me is the focus of this project. The details always discern ourselves … they’re like an emblem to remain etched and to define our uniqueness.

My studies of interior decoration and design and architecture at the Sapienza University of Rome made me work in this area, but the meeting with my husband makes my lane change, so in 2002 we founded together the Bruno Editore, ebook publishing house for training, the first one in Italy for ebooks.

Several years in career during which I managed from the staff to the authors’ publication, to the whole editorial line. And when my daughter Luna has come, everything changed.

My priorities have changed completely, so in the first year I restructured the enterprise so that I could work from home and occasionally go to the office. In this fundamental passage, Millionaire magazine interviewed me and wrote a wonderful article about me: 5 segreti di una top manager da casa.

I’ve always been a particularly organized woman but through the years I’ve had to refine the time management techniques, in order to continue working and being able to grow Luna, without stressing myself.

In 2017 I also decide to open this blog on inspirations and concrete ideas, about how to live the house in harmony and make the house our beautiful and practical nest, with just a few technical. I also talk about fashion, adding style details and anticipating seasonal trends.

Simple but non-trivial ideas with inspirations from different Countries, seeing that I travel very often, and wherever I go, I always look for Style inspiration. I like to explain how you can apply them to your daily life, so you can reply them in just a few steps to your home to improve it.

On my public Facebook Page I post daily inspirations on Style and details at home, already when I wake up in the morning with pictures made by me.

I wake up early in the morning and am very organized to carry on all these projects, passions, home and family…and I use a set of ToDo List for my daily, weekly and monthly goals.

In June 2018 I decided to promote online my flower ToDo List with line, that I called the ‘Flower ToDo List’ and open my Online Boutique: VG Flower Studio.

The arrangement of the house and the personal organizer is essential for a lifestyle in which the various roles that we women have every day are well matching.

From women, therefore personal, to mum, wife, for work, at home, to organize travel and time management, even the free one. In short, endless…

Some ToDo List are simple, others are exclusively designed by me to optimize the achievement of goals. The project is quite new, but I have many ideas in mind to expand with you and for you.

As I know that this is just the beginning and I greet you with one of my phrases: ‘Only if you have clear where you are going, you will go there even though the obstacles.’

See you soon…with Style! Definitely yours!
Viviana Grunert