Today I want to talk to you about the Zen Style that particularly fascinates me, understood as the purity of our spaces, of our home, therefore as a Lifestyle appropriate to our days and to our Western essence.

The Japanese have a real obsession with light colored houses, with a perfect geometric order, furnished with very light woods in a space that lets energy flow well, free and emptied of complements that weigh down the environment and the view.

The decluttering I have often talked about is useful to understand which are the really important pieces that we want to keep and those that we have only accumulated over time, perhaps during our travels or that we have been given away, that we keep there to fill not only our spaces, but our view and consequently our mind.

The accumulate distorts the objects because there is so much and nothing at the same time and it is for this reason that the Zen Style that today I propose to you to revisit your homes where the final effect is more of the void than the fullness helps us to live and breathe our everyday environment without weighing it down.

Is it possible to live in harmony and balance in our home?

Yes, therefore the watchword is to empty by selecting in detail what is not necessary and which is not needed and give way to another type of life, Zen precisely and accepting a new concept of slow living creating a mood that sees rhythms protagonists slower dedicated to ourselves to find the balance that is undermined outside our homes every day.

If you have many objects that you do not want to remove, move them inside a cupboard so as to create voids, but also to have them handy if they should come in handy.

And then we dedicate ourselves to our inner Zen, perhaps in the morning before going out or if we have more time in the evening when we return home. Let’s take a good book, an armchair for our relaxation and end-of-day rituals like a warm bath with candles, with a special soap and perfumes that make us more relax, leaving the technology in the background to completely detach and regenerate to full .

With this feeling of well-being and cleanliness of your home … I wish you to live in full Zen Style, definitely yours!

Viviana Grunert