Coffee, art, design, decor…today so many people look for in something similar in their breaks, business lunch, free time, on Sunday or simply for a funny afternoon with friends.

Yes, because coffee or tea has become moments of sharing, it is a chic and elegant routine and, given that now a lot of works can be done with a hot tea or cappuccino, the choice of a place that meets different needs and to differentiate and be attractive must be unique or good for Instagram pics as they say in jargon of those who use Instagram as a social network to share unique shots.

Inspired by this, you know that I always look for particular places to tell you and today I want to present to you the Greem Café in Seoul, a very special location in black and white with a 2D cartoon effect where only guests and food are in color, the rest is strictly white and black, entirely drawn in pencil, with the wallpaper that wraps them and takes them to another dimension.

Seoul Coffee is much more suggestive than an Instagram filter and this is the reason why it is one of the most talked about places of the moment, despite being on the other side of the world.

The environment is fundamental and has become closely linked to our mood, to the season, to our lifestyle, because the moments spent outside the home are precious and the research moves more and more towards unique environments or that we want to share with our loved ones.

The search for the new place is based on 2 precise parameters: based on what you want to eat or the place where you want to entertain. Often the 2 things are related, but not always.

So…let’s enjoy our moments with the same fantasy that makes us live in a comic, always with Style…definitely yours!

Viviana Grunert