My guide for a Paris in great Style!

I want to tell you about my last trip to Paris, an enchanting city that never fails. It's really true: Paris is always a good idea and in this article I want to be your special guide. Although I’ve seen Paris for the fifth time, I’ve savored a new essence. Perhaps for...

‘To Do List September’: never without our To Do

September, time to come back, to start again and coming to our amazing path with a new season coming. To us mums is time obliged to think about the Back to school for our kids, to the change of teachers, to the school’s change, to the new uniforms, to new afternoon...

Moms, are you ready for back to school?

I came back since a couple days from the holidays and I don’t know you but I’m totally dipped into the organization of the new season among house, working and back to school. Next week Luna will start the new school year and between school events, uniforms and what so...

Holiday’s To Do List

For me that I’m addicted of “To Do Lists”, I’ve also made one for holidays, and at the end I’ve told myself: why not, I want to share it also with my followers, maybe they’ll find useful cues even for their life Relax body and mind. It is very important and surely the...

Aeolian Islands: 3 things that thrilled me

Aeolian Islands have been a very good discovery. It’s years that we concentrate our holidays only abroad and I’ve realized that I don’t know a lot of places in Italy, especially, islands, since I’ve spent lots of summers in my beach house in Lampedusa. For Giacomo’s...

Love and careful research for the ‘details’ convinced me to create this blog, full of ideas and inspirations for the home, flowers and travel, another great passion of mine.
How nice it is to leave and then return to our Details … of Style!
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