Pink is definitely one of my favorite colors, even in furnishing. In Scandinavian countries, for example, it is considered a “positive” color that is synonymous of confidence and optimism for the future. This is the reason why I have literally fallen in love with a particular inspiration related to this color: the pink trend with gold details.

It is elegant and refined and it is perfect to give a touch of brightness even only through small decorative objects. Feminine without ever being excessive, I especially love the romantic aspect about this Style and its ability to create perfect atmospheres to relax our minds during chaos and stress periods!

Here you are some tips on how to get the most from this Style:

• The combination I prefer for pink with gold details is white marble. It’s a combination which is really elegant, feminine and very delicate.

• Personally, I like it in all the environments, but if your husband doesn’t show a particular enthusiasm to have it in the living room, you can always use this Style in the bathroom, in your office or in the bedroom.

• Accessories. Candles, cushions, trays, but also coffee tables with gold-colored legs. I’m sure you already know that but details really make the difference and in this case, even if they are just a few accessories, I can guarantee you that they will be very charming.

• Mise en place. We have already seen gold cutlery in different Styles and even in this case, if combined with a table in shades of pink, they will be perfect to give “that” glamorous and refined touch.

• Even here you can play around, from lamps to chandeliers you can choose what best matches your environment. In any case, remember that it’s important to maintain harmony with all the elements of the room and with your gold details.

What do you have to do right now is try to face this season lightly and with a touch of romance…always with Style!

Viviana Grunert