A definitely cozy Autumn for me and for many of you!

This year I focused on this style for my home as a cuddle, as a beautiful moment for me, for my free time and to enjoy my family in a soft and relaxing environment.

Even welcoming the winter will be less harsh and cold with the warmth of the cozy.

Essential and essential element is the armchair, I think it is fundamental to have one at home, it can become exclusively ours, we can share it with those we love or with our four-legged friend, just like I did with my Candy ..!

Whatever the use, it is a beautiful and functional furnishing complement and in this season the most fashionable is the “fluffy” which inspires comfort and softness at the same time.

Studying the new trends, I became completely passionate about the Westwing Teddy rocking chair I chose for the photo, one of the season’s musts in soft fur, soft and tender just like a teddy bear.

There are several brands that have created this series of armchairs, but Westwing’s has captured me.

I love his line and the design is perfect to let you wrap a warm moment all around you, with your details of style around, a cup of steaming tea, a good book or even for a pleasant phone call with a friend.

The “fluffy” has various genres and fabrics: Style cow, vintage leather, ecological fur, delicate and enveloping bouclé wool fur… ultra comfortable and functional, easy to clean!

They can be sanitized with steam or with the electric broom as you do with carpets.

You can comfortably do it once or twice a week, so as not to accumulate too much work to do, just a few minutes will be enough and the chair will always be perfect and ready to welcome you.

There are also specific products such as dry shampoo for sofas and armchairs, or disinfectant detergents to be distributed with special brushes to keep the hair soft and clear.

If you don’t have one or you can’t buy it for this season you can unleash your imagination and ride the trend, just a simple faux fur, you’ll also find it from Ikea, ideal to put on the armchairs to personalize the Style.

White, beige or colored, your “Fluffy” is always waiting for you with Style…definitely yours!

Viviana Grunert