Barbie celebrates her 60th Birthday with a temporary pink store in scale 1: 1 in the Paris
La Fayette Haussmann Galery.

You can find this pop up store in all shades of pink until the 31st of December so, if you are in Paris or if you are going there it could be a great place to see! 💖

For little girls…but I’m sure that it will appeal to women too!

For now we have no plans to go to Paris, but if you should go please, send me some photos with details, I’m sure that Luna will be very happy too. Just this weekend she made her Christmas Wish List with all its Barbie pieces and accessories and then…how can I forget the Barbie party for her 10 years?


I had promised myself to make a post about it, but June for me was a very full month this year, as you will remember at the end of July we moved to Milan, but I will plan it to make you see all the wonderful themed details from which you can take inspiration.


See you soon, with Style…definitely yours!

Viviana Grunert