Welcome Summer! 👒

Welcome Summer…and finally I would say.

I’ve waited for so long and it is the season that I love most of all, it will be that I definitely prefer the heat to the cold, but not only.

Summer is that pleasant time to organize parties on the terrace, put the lights or the tealights scattered on the tables to immediately create an enchanting atmosphere.

It is that moment where with a light dress, sandals, air-dried hair and a touch of glossy lips I feel perfect and right with myself.

Summer is the birthday of Luna and Giacomo and the end of the school, where we can enjoy long days together, without necessarily being on vacation, because as I always say, a holiday is a state of mind.

This for me will be a more demanding summer than the others because I am organizing a move that absorbs almost all my energy … but I am happy, we have chosen it consciously and there will be big changes in the coming months, it will be a summer to tell, at least for me.

A big hug to you all, even though I am less present here and more operational in the field, I think of you every day.

Have a good Summer with Style, definitely yours! 🌼

Viviana Grunert