Sometimes we need to relax…but where? In our Cotch!

Not to be confused with Coach, Cotch is a Jamaican term adopted by the British to indicate a space only for us, a nest, a den for moments of pure relaxation in which we can find ourselves and grant in physical and mental wellness treatments, from reading a themed book to a particular massage, a day Spa and all that is cuddle for us.

With the arrival of the Spring we always feel a little more tired and down tone, also by virtue of the sudden change of temperature combined with the change of season and, dedicating ourselves to regenerating the senses is definitely the best alternative to the caused stress by everyday.

Everyone chooses its own Cotch, for someone it will be the bed, the sofa or the chaise-longue, for others it will be a place, like an art gallery, a photo exhibition, a bookshop, an ancient café…for others it will be a read, a sensory music, a favorite TV series or movie, a glass of red wine with a careful selection of honey cheeses, their rocking chair on the terrace, the scent of flowers or an activity, such as painting, photography, meditation .

Our home, of course, plays a fundamental role in this context, it is the environment that welcomes us on our return or in the whole day, so it must be absolutely connected with us and with what we need, so as to make perfect our evenings, afternoons, weekends or simple moments for us.

Imagine dedicating yourself to your beauty doing a regenerating mask, with aloe vera, hyaluronic acid or a silky one with a detoxifying and illuminating effect…there are many types of them, some almost like small masterpieces, in gold or black activated carbon.

A soft and perfumed Argan oil hair pack is also cuddly…you could use your bathtub with candles and soft lighting, a single-flower bowl and your favorite background music, it will have a very powerful long-term effect.

Moreover, it is strategic to equip the living area for your reading moment and, for the aperitif with Stile, you can prepare your glass of red wine together with seasoned Parmesan…with your favorite background music, even if when I am very tired I prefer total silence. A kind of detox for me, even mental.

Remember that the house reflects you and to love yourself you need to make your Cotch which is like you are inside, with an every day smile and always with Style…definitely yours!

Viviana Grunert