The one for butterflies has always been my passion, along with that for flowers.

I have three 3D aluminum butterflies at home up the wall borded by an antique white oval frame, that why this exhibition immediately caught my attention.

The swarm of thousands of black butterflies, the protagonist of The Damned Hour of Milan Art Week, is called Black Cloud.

From April the 2nd to the 8 of July 2019, the Adolfo Pini Foundation presents the exhibition The Damned Hour by Carlos Amorales, by Gabi Scardi.

As many as 15.000 butterflies that invade the environments of the Foundation from the entrance in all spaces.

It is an exhibition with a strong visual impact, with butterflies on the walls, on the door jambs, on the handrails, or simply escaping from the chimneys of the amazing hall of the perfect scenery of this late nineteenth century palace.

Carlos Amorales is interested in language, images, communication systems and their constant evolution, but also in the manipulation of communication and of thought itself, combining visual art, animation and poetry to involve all the senses.

With this exhibition he starts from the reference to his country, Mexico, but at the same time he talks about the tensions that are strongly present in the whole world and also the personal ones, and how important is identify the origin of our ghosts, of our fears to recognize the ideological value that will allow us to face them and exceed them.

Above all there is our evolution and art is always an effective and important growth model.

During the Design Week it was impossible for me to see it for the long lines, but it is an exhibition full of charm and I promised myself to see it before July.

See you next time, with Style…definitely yours!

Viviana Grunert