My passion for flowers this month reaches the peak, now it’s the moment to add this fantasy and adopt it. Where? Anywhere… out there you can find different ideas for your floral style, and in the Floral Board Style here on top I’ve put some things I really like, some of them I have them already, others are on my wish list.

The outside couch of Missoni Casa is amazing to me; this is enough to decorate a terrace or a garden to give a unique touch to your floral style. Obviously only that piece.

The shops are full of cushions and accessories for the house, you just need fantasy, I like also this wallpaper behind the couch in the bottom, with flowers in watercolor that reflects my style and I hope you like it too.

The painted flowers warm up also the minimal environment. They surely are for the modern house on a white base or grey, bases on which it’s easy to work on with different palettes as we like to change them according to the season and humor.

Our house follows the seasons and our moods. Do you agree?

Another passion are cups and tea service, almost an obsession, and the next must be these by Seletti that I put in the picture, classic but irregular, they look like broken and fixed, they have great personality. For our tea ritual, choose a good classic service that won’t tire you, I always recommend total white, but for the next services choose anything you like, always in harmony with the rest you already have.

Speaking of which, it couldn’t miss in my cart the last tea by Fortnum and Mason for this spring, Rose and Violet without caffeine. Only the packaging is a must have… when you’re not serving the tea these boxes don’t get unnoticed, I’m sorry to throw them away after using them, because they’re wonderful and if you go to London you cannot miss to go on the dedicated team room and taste teas served with Scones (my favorites), sandwich and various cakes. I recommend to book a little earlier, you can do it from their website. I always do that before leaving.

Another thing that will leave the guests surprised without any effort, are the flavored water that you can prepare. You have the possibility to find so many online recipes. My advice is to serve cool water and fruits at will inside, to prepare at least 2 hours before. Just with lemon and mint as in the picture it makes a big impression and it can’t miss at your summer table.

You can find a prosecco of Valdo in my Board and it’s not a case.

I’ve known it recently at the Fuori Salone in Milan. I was taking a walk in Brera and I saw it. I immediately loved the bottle (strange, huh?) and I wanted to taste it, also because it’s a rosé, and between red and white I prefer rosè.

So I tasted it and I liked it! Great bang for your buck, but above all the bottle in floral style…

I’ve showed it off during a barbecue in Terrace at Easter and it was a success!

So I’ll continue using it for my spring and summer appetizers, served cool it’s an easy match.

The details make the difference and our friends will be even happier for the fact we thought about them, for a tea or the Prosecco, or fresh flowers on the table, and a great smile to receive them. To me, that’s all you need.

Viviana Grunert

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