Today I talk about garlands that will be an increasingly present element in our homes, and not just to adorn doors and fireplaces, but also windows …

We are used to imagine them in flowers: fresh, dried or stabilized … instead they are the totally Green ones that furnish more and for longer, among other things, they are also the simplest ones to do at home with a little manual work and the furthermore, a tutorial help can be an original way to spend a few relaxing hours giving ample vent to our creative flair.

This year, I don’t know if you remember, I had promised myself to do a course to make a nice seasonal floral wreath, but then I didn’t find availability on the dates I could … since the beginning of the year the weather is really flew.
I plan to do it next winter.😊

Even the seasonal versions I like very much, it may be the idea of ​​a present to bring when you go to find a dear friend, like the autumn one of leaves and zucchini or simple of green leaves that looks good everywhere.

This Style is widely used in the Nordic countries, mostly Scandinavian and I find it essential although having character.
What do you think about it? You like it?

See you soon, with Style, definitely yours! ✨

Viviana Grunert