It has been my dream for 4 years…ever since I saw it online in an advertisement the first time.

Sleeping on a tree house, without having to give up all the comforts, captured me immediately, and then, with the passage of time, it became a real dream.
But it was not easy to go, between our many commitments and their very few available dates was challenging, but in the end I did it. 🙂

In February we finally manage to find a free date for May 21…I guess it was perfect, immediately after Luna’s First Communion, take a relaxing break from a very intense and demanding period at work, and so it was.

We booked the Black Cabin, it is called so, it is located near Viterbo and I discovered to be Europe’s largest tree house, 87 sqm with a terrace and a beautiful view of olive trees and lavender fields, which bloom in early June.

It was a beautiful experience, the house is all in Canadian cedar wood, with a very good perfume, it is really equipped with all the comforts and super technological with various parts of glass and steel, but with the sounds (of birds) and the beautiful view that offers, you are completely immersed in nature.
After a few hours of our arrival I was already totally relaxed and I could not stop looking at the view outside the large window. My sight was lost in the space and my mind thought of how good it was to be there at that moment.

casa sull'albero


It seemed that time had stopped…and yet…it flew.

We arrived at lunch time the day before and left before lunch the next day, a handful of hours…but how happy I was…I felt like a child all the time, and even my husband must say that he was pleasantly surprised, not he thought we could be so good about a tree house!

Everything is taken care of in detail, even breakfast is served on the tree and brought up with a pulley. Great privacy throughout your stay, which we very much appreciated.
The breakfast is super, all organic and home-made, the fresh rose in the single-flower vase and the white linen napkins on the wooden tray were the additional cuddle, even for the view.

For me, who love details, there were so many Style Details, but what has emerged most is the infinite details of love.

The farm is family run, the owners are really in love with all this and have recreated unique corners around the structure. The infinity pool with a whole rose garden of white roses around, gardens at various levels with different plants, with lavender, fountains, wooden trunks as convivial tables, a swing to swing nicely and a path in the woods to find harmony by embracing the trees, with the Silvoterapia.

Also in the woods there is a magical stream, my advice is to take some time to sit on one of the recommended stones and spend a few minutes listening to fill up with negative ions of which the air is charged with a woods, which help us to regenerate body and spirit, to sleep better and to recharge.

A beautiful experience that makes me go home serene and super energetic, ready to face two and a half months of intense and great change.

I’m ready now!

Viviana Grunert