Today I want to tell you about a real print that dominates an Timeless and Iconic Style:

the Toile De Jouy which was born in France in 1750, precisely in the Jouy-en-Josas area, near Versaille.

The history of textiles is always fascinating because it links different countries to each other and far from each other in terms of culture and geographical position, reflecting at the same time epochal changes. Around the sixteenth century, European merchants began importing chintz from India, a precious cotton fabric with vivid flower patterns that immediately had great success among the better-off classes who paid out very high amounts to buy it.

From that moment in France, to counteract its importation, production of this fabric began, today very famous and highly prized.

The classic Toile De Jouy has two typical decorations: one with flowers and another with rural-rural scenes, in blue and red.

The historic Maison Dior last year relaunched this extraordinary period motif in the Moroccan imperial city of Marrakech in a collection entirely designed and embroidered by hand, the Cruise Collection 2020.

Dior has revisited the Toile De Jouy by inserting a series of wild animals drawn by hand and pen as a prominent element in the bucolic and rural scenes.

Giraffes, tigers, bears in the classic shades of red, green and blue, embellished with camel-colored and black bathrooms found in many items in the collection including jeans, trench coats, bags and skirts.

And about skirts…and passionate about this style, I personally bought a skirt with this motif and not only that, even a scarf and other accessories…

The combination of fashion and interior is essential, they are always closely connected, in fact, even in the interior it has achieved great success, still very much in vogue!

Oh yes…the Toile De Jouy returns to be the protagonist for home furnishings and decoration of objects. Today everyone has a pillow at home, an armchair upholstered with this print or even porcelain painted with these themes.

And that not enough…it is used in wallpaper and in Shabby Chic Style it is perfectly inserted, in fabrics, curtains, various upholstery and also in towels, in borders…it is also inevitable at the table in tablecloths, plates and placeholders…stylish even on candles and incense holders, soap bars, elegant clutches, blouses and scarves for a chic and very glam.

Let’s think…it is so versatile that it has numerous reinterpretations, it has even become an exclusive fabric for sportsmen of various kinds: from climbers to cyclists to skaters, for a clothing free from stylistic constraints, but at the same time very refined and trendy, even if personally I am a purist of this style.

My advice is to try not to combine this style, but to revisit it and insert it in a modern key, where every corner can become Toile De Jouy, for an iconic and timeless home.

To your inspiration, always with Style!

Viviana Grunert