Unicorn Style is a real trend right now. It’s becoming so popular not only into the Interior Design market, but also into the Industrial Design, into the make up, into the nail art, the food and also into the clothing market. We can actually find white flying unicorns and My Little Pony into the rainbow shades of every market.

Let’s now talk about how everything got started.

As you know, every trend always has a relevant “background”. This trend takes inspiration from the ‘80s/‘90s… Past generations will surely remember the winged unicorn coming out from the “dreams mirrors” of the Sailor Moon cartoon and, during those years, many baby girls used to collect “My Little Pony”, sweet Unicorns with long colored hair they also chose for school diaries.

Nowadays is became popular not only for children but also for adults thanks to its versatility and originality.

Unicorns accompany us everywhere: in bars, in stores as simple gadgets, in the fitting of stylish shop windows or on the walls, on phone covers, on our computers and work tools, to make our everyday life sweeter with a touch of color and energy.

In the world of the Interior Design it’s becoming more and more popular: into the houses there are children’s rooms in perfect Unicorn Style.

As you probably remember, last year I had already introduced this trend with a couple of articles, including Luna’s Unicorn Party, a theme party that I organized in detail with so much creativity and enthusiasm.

Luna and I have a big passion for Unicorns. They make us fell in a good mood and they fill every room with color, making the atmosphere magical and brilliant. This is definitely our mood!

In addition to this, Luna uses to collect Unicorn plushes, of various sizes and colors. One of these is particularly large and has found its place on the chaise longue of the living room.

Houses and shops have chosen Unicorn Style details, using Rainbow-colored wallpaper from plushes to sofas, from cushions to cups. They are extremely original and cheerful for a tea or a coffee with friends or simply to enjoy a nice breakfast and to start the day with energy and lightness, which is always a good idea.

Even the mix of pastel colors creates “that” raimbow atmosphere where we can’t avoid to add the unicorn element.

Even the famous American coffee shops franchising Starbucks has proposed the Unicorn Frappuccino and some pizzerias are evaluating the possibility to add into their own menus the Unicorn Pizza…as well as the unicorn flavored ice cream called Unicornetto is arriving.

I find absolutely brilliant the last idea for the Salone del Mobile in Milan: the Unicorn House. We are talking about an exclusive apartment for two people in the center of Milan furnished to make its hosts enjoying pastel days, thanks to the fantasy, the magic and the lights of this house.

Booking.com made it available only for three nights during the Milan Design Week and has decorated the whole house with many Unicorn elements and details, from stars to colorful clouds, from magic horns to rainbows, from ceiling to floor including furnishings and linen. We are talking about a real leap in magic even for adults… Maybe that’s the reason why it’s sold out.

Unicorn Style is one of those trends that teaches us that magic has no age and that you just need to surround yourself with the right details… of Style.

See you next time, with Style… definitely yours!

Viviana Grunert