Laces and crochet, are all these Macramè?

Macramè is everything done with heavy lace, but with time the name was extended to laces and working crochets of various genres. When I talk about Macramè in my head there’s more than one pattern rather than a type of fiber or processing, you can read it in my Board,...

Natural Style, when Nature creates the Style.

A natural house is for me the ultimate summer house. What I mean for natural house is: A minimal house and with this term I mean a house made of few pieces, very easy to handle and especially where flows lots of energy. The materials are the plus to aim and for this...

Holiday’s To Do List

For me that I’m addicted of “To Do Lists”, I’ve also made one for holidays, and at the end I’ve told myself: why not, I want to share it also with my followers, maybe they’ll find useful cues even for their life Relax body and mind. It is very important and surely the...

Aeolian Islands: 3 things that thrilled me

Aeolian Islands have been a very good discovery. It’s years that we concentrate our holidays only abroad and I’ve realized that I don’t know a lot of places in Italy, especially, islands, since I’ve spent lots of summers in my beach house in Lampedusa. For Giacomo’s...

Mountains in summer? Andalo, a good discover

It’s been a warm and muggy roman summer, and I couldn’t resist waiting for summer vacancies. It all happened last minute, one day I was on Facebook and I saw a sponsored hotel in the mountains and I said “why not?” I have never been in the mountains during summer; I...

Love and careful research for the ‘details’ convinced me to create this blog, full of ideas and inspirations for the home, flowers and travel, another great passion of mine.
How nice it is to leave and then return to our Details … of Style!
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