For me that I’m addicted of “To Do Lists”, I’ve also made one for holidays, and at the end I’ve told myself: why not, I want to share it also with my followers, maybe they’ll find useful cues even for their life

  1. Relax body and mind.

It is very important and surely the first thing, because on holiday we get away from routine, from ordinary and relaxation of the body is essential, but don’t ignore, however, that of the mind.

A lot of people bring work on vacation or they answer any type of call that can change our mood even bringing new stress.

So absolutely get organize before leaving so that, apart from some rare urgency, no one disturb us.

For example I’m always hyperactive and I love taking my computer with me on vacation to write and read, I dedicate a limited time to my passion. One, two hours a day… usually before my family wakes up, or maybe in the late afternoon while they dip in the pool.

Instead if you’re work it’s also your passion bring it on to dedicate some space like mine even on vacation…

To relax your body I also mean practice yoga or some activity that we don’t often do, or to spend some time in a spa, but for those who can, even laying 8 hours on the couch is not bad… for example I can’t…;)

Let’s do what we like best and that makes us feel good.

2. Focus on positive things.

I often talk with friends about how much is optimal going on holiday not only to recharge the batteries but also to look at things from another perspective.

Not just for me but also for my husband, just during the holidays, sometimes even short, have come in his mind ideas that have revolutionized our lives.

If your mind is clear, it will be more creative.

Also focusing on positive things I mean that during the holidays can happen some delays, missed expectations, places that disappointed us, too hot restaurants, too crowded, etc.… and what can we do? Is complaining good for something?

Let’s focus always on positive, on what we have, or our green lawn and don’t always look at the neighbor’s.

If you often travel, if you make new experiences, it can happen a wrong night or something that it’s not as we wanted it, but let’s always look at our ‘Big Picture’: We’re on Holiday!

  1. Inspire yourself by looking at the beautiful things that surround us.

How many wonderful things we have before our eyes and often we do not even notice it.

I think that I’m a careful observer and moreover I have a passion for photos, even if for convenience I use my Iphone that I can take everywhere.

And when I walk I’m often upturned, and I get lost in my thoughts and in the thousand photos, and my family calls me back just because sometimes I get behind.

The other day I picked up my daughter because we were a wonderful little village and she was already talking about what we would have done the day after.

No, let’s stop and inspire ourselves to look at beautiful things, the colors, the flowers, feel the scents.

When will it happen again?

It’s always all so fleeting, we’ll be back to the city and we will in a hurry, instead on holiday it’s really time to move slowly and be inspired by beauty around us.

  1. Pointing up new goals

This point is the consequence of the first 3, in fact the To Do also has an order.

Just when the mind is clear, we live our moments with lightness and lightheartedness focusing on the positive things we’re living and inspired us by opening our minds, surely new ideas and goals will come out.

It can be a goal as a new place to visit, or next year take a bigger house or write that book of our dreams, or decide to change job…

Let’s write down everything that comes to our mind and don’t underestimate it.

The mind works for us and it will find a way to reach the goal.

  1. Read something new

What I recommend is total openness, so try to interest in something new, a topic we know a few about but that we want to deepen.

If we always read crime books, even a biography of our favorite writer, or something very frivolous to lighten the mind, or manuals that can teach us something, or improve on something.

You could discover a new passion and make it a holiday to remember, and not only for the places we visited.

  1. Do something that we have never done.

Or try something new.

Taste a new cuisine, listen to new music, try a new sport, learn a new language (for example, I was reminded to learn Spanish since I’m in Ibiza, because “Me Encanta” as they say).

Everything we do, either alone or with our family, are experiences that open up our mind and give us new energy, new life.

All of this, with the right timing, will lead us home full of new experiences but also with a great desire to start our routine again without the tiredness after the holidays.

Just because we will have done the best for ourselves we will already have new goals ahead that will make us get up full of energy in the morning.

While coming back home will give us that unexpected comfort that all the 5-stars Resorts of the world will not be able to give us.

And in case of coming back home is traumatic then I suggest you to review something energetic in your home and make it your 5-stars SPA!

Let’s do it…

Viviana Grunert