Macramè is everything done with heavy lace, but with time the name was extended to laces and working crochets of various genres.

When I talk about Macramè in my head there’s more than one pattern rather than a type of fiber or processing, you can read it in my Board, all this is for me Macramè and even more.

It’s an hymn to artisanship, to return to the past, we’re pleasantly forced to go back to processing of the past if we like to put in house some details of this type and to me this is the thing I love the most.

As much as I’m concerned, I literally love the modern and contemporary style, also in the art and in the design, but I love details that talk about when I was young, they’re part of me.

The sheets you see on top are handmade by my grannie and they are made in linen and lace.

I was them in summer because I love linen in this season, but I use them from years and they’re always super white and the lace is intact. 

What I love about a modern bed, where you think you can play around with colors and fantasies is adding pattern and particular textiles, not only on bed… anywhere we want to add a detail being aware that everything matches and it doesn’t become too much.

I use Macramè to cover up the tray, I see it in the picture on top with blueberries, but also to serve coffee and even when I’m alone, I use for me the same treatment I’d use with a friend or for a formal receiving. I’m always for the theory that when I buy something beautiful that I love, it has to be used, and if not for me, then for whom?

You’ll see that there will be a return of artisanship, that will become a very luxury.

The handmade, in lots of sectors, home for sure.

In textile  there will be a return of jacquard, of tapestry, of velvet and macramé… of which I want to talk about it today.

Besides this style marries even better the modern and not the classic. Here we’re not talking about the granny’s doily, but to surround us of details that in daily life make the difference and that recall to a past that belongs to us.

But let’s see how to insert these macramé elements and laces in everyday design.

What are the perfect styles to insert them?

We already talked about modern.

But one of my favorite works and matches has been for a beach house in shabby style, putting some elements here and there, as for example a suspended armchair in macramé and a carpet similar to the one in the picture, together with some bedspread in crochet, it came out a settled style from the light and fresh taste, everything we need to relax in a beach house.

Mixing it with a bohemian, plays a fundamental rule, instead it created that gipsy atmosphere that breaks with a neautral color as ecru. Here also is very used.

In Moroccan style we find inlays in wrought iron and wood due to macramé, so why don’t pull over?

The Provencal style is not less, it takes on board macramé and the linen and all France uses these details in curtains, in mise en place and in bathroom, so even in French style we find open space.

The French headboards remain one of my favorites, and what to add if not the lace sheets?

But to scale-up this style and don’t reduce it to only laces I want to take you to the last salone del mobile of Milan 2017, where they presented these new wall 3D, that you see in my board, that closely the seem to recreate a wall in perfect romantic style.

They are light panels that are applied to the wall with a real 3D effect, and then they can be painted in the color we prefer. The fantasies are the most various, but guess which impressed me the most?

I proposed some year ago a similar genre of this Wall for a wood headboard with lace effect, and it seemed a really particular thing, today instead there are so many proposal about this, for bathrooms too.

The earthenware contributed to the style too.

I’ve also talked about the lamps I saw in Lipari, but also in Ibiza I found a lot of drafts of bedspreads and pillows made in crochets in every color.

Now that summer is over and it starts to refresh the air at night, it’s really pleasant to wrap in a bedspread of macramé… because let’s say it, it’s good convenience, but also eyes must be fed and us romantic women surround us of quirks that make us good and face a new day.

See you next time, with Style, definitely yours!

Viviana Grunert