October is Pumpkin Style! Home wears pumpkins…

October is the month of pumpkins, beautiful to see, good to eat. Pumpkin is an excellent vegetable with great benefic properties for health and body, you should be eating it twice a week and get a refill of nutrients and vitamins C, but you already know this. And now...

Welcome October! 🍁

It’s finally October… we fully enter in autumn. The season stabilizes and the commitments taken in September maybe too intensive now become routine.  Engage your handbrake sometimes, look at what you’ve done until now, and seat sipping a hot tea. It’s the moment! If...

Welcome Autumn

And so autumn has come, this year has been overbearing, a little not wished, or maybe, I wasn’t ready. It’s been a very exciting beginning of September, a lot new projects, Luna’s school change, so many daily things accumulated  to handle and now on 22 of September...

Moms, are you ready for back to school?

I came back since a couple days from the holidays and I don’t know you but I’m totally dipped into the organization of the new season among house, working and back to school. Next week Luna will start the new school year and between school events, uniforms and what so...

L’amore e la ricerca accurata per i ‘dettagli’ mi hanno convinto a creare questo Blog, ricco di idee e di ispirazioni per la casa, i fiori e i viaggi, altra mia grande passione.
Quanto è bello partire per poi tornare tra i nostri Dettagli… di Stile!
Benvenuta nel mio Blog!
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