October is the month of pumpkins, beautiful to see, good to eat.

Pumpkin is an excellent vegetable with great benefic properties for health and body, you should be eating it twice a week and get a refill of nutrients and vitamins C, but you already know this.

And now I wanted to talk to you about pumpkin as an element of décor at home… of how much pumpkins can fit in every environment and create and exact mood of the season.

They perfectly complement in our homes, and I’ll tell you how, telling you my experience.

Until two years ago, I used to buy big and decorative pumpkins only during the Halloween period, to create the atmosphere in that date, where inevitably I used to do a typical feast for Luna and her friends.

There was only one thing I didn’t like, the typical orange pumpkin and the bigger ones were only like that, so I used to put them outside because, being said, orange isn’t a color we like, and it doesn’t match with my living…

So the poor pumpkins were put outside and then cooked or threw away after some time.

And then I discovered, almost accidentally, that white pumpkins are easier to incorporate in every surroundings, even the most minimal and modern.

I wanted to do an Inspiration Board for you with a selection of images of pumpkins, that I’ll call “Pumpkin Style” and that you can use everywhere.

Intentionally I didn’t put orange pumpkins, but you can do as you prefer, just know that you can décor and paint the white as you like, based on your time and your creativity.

You can do gold pumpkins with a gold leaf, it might look like you need a lot skill, but you just need patience.

You can find it in any big supplier that sells articles for decoration and for drawing, but also on Amazon.

Remember to take suitable glue for the leaf and then have fun!

You can add some ribbons, tapes and stickers as the example of the black and white pumpkins, I like the ones with the polka dot, and I think it’s handmade.

You can decorate the front door with a nest of pumpkins, or a table, either the table where you eat or the coffee table.

You can empty them in their front part, do a hole and using them as a vase, or as in the Board, ass some succulents.

The idea of putting them in the cake stand and painting them fuchsia remains my favorite Top Pumpkin Style.

Large space to creativity and imagination, if you buy them I’d be happy to receive a picture of your staging.

Zucca nelle decorazioni di casa

This week I haven’t had the time to arrange them properly as I wanted to and I put them quickly on the table with some candles… but I promise to apply more in the next days.

Wishing you all a good day until the next time… with style! Yours!

Viviana Grunert