It’s finally October… we fully enter in autumn.

The season stabilizes and the commitments taken in September maybe too intensive now become routine. 

Engage your handbrake sometimes, look at what you’ve done until now, and seat sipping a hot tea.

It’s the moment!

If the house hasn’t changed, during this month we have to take the lead and let the old season back to pull out warm blankets and new cushions to embrace at night on the sofa.

Not to mention the change of season!

Tavola e cibi dell'autunno

Let’s have a look at the new color palettes, the styles this fall are a lot, but the must have color is dark green, emerald, sometimes bottle green.

Also Ikea dedicated some space to it, and we find it everywhere.

For the rest, recycle, move, paint, throw away… but most of all renovate! Keep the energy high, which is the thing we need in daily life.

Buy chestnuts, create centerpiece with pomegranates, let’s prepare for Halloween, and invite friends sharing good things! Let’s celebrate, celebrate every time we have the chance, whether it’s an autumn dinner or an appetizer the important is to stay together with some wine and candles that burns up the atmosphere also in our hearts.

Everything seasoned with your personal Style that distinguishes us. 😍

Wishing you a good Sunday and good 1 October!

Viviana Grunert