I came back since a couple days from the holidays and I don’t know you but I’m totally dipped into the organization of the new season among house, working and back to school.

Next week Luna will start the new school year and between school events, uniforms and what so ever I haven’t been able to cut up some time to write the article I have in mind since I was in Ibiza.

But in this post what I want to share with you is the use of a planning for kids, my new purchase for Luna. I’m literally thrilled.

I think that who follows me closely knows that I love lists, planning, agendas and more is more… this year happened to find, casually, this planning for kids and I immediately bought it.

Luna is 8 years old and I think it’s the right moment to start to organize her time and her spaces, and to understand the sense of taking some commitment, not only to fill up the empty cells.

But what conquered me is that each week there’s a motivational quote to think about, beyond special events, goals and things to remember.

At page 3 we found a quote of Antony Robbins that for me and my husband is the master of our training, so I think that starting at 8 years with the right convictions that I approached at 28 it’s not bad at all (you can find the quote on the board, in the green space).

Handling of time, goals and motivation are the basis to take in hand our life and make a masterpiece.

I wish all moms that follow me a great new school year for you and your kids.

Viviana Grunert