Now we are in full Spring…and for me this is the season of energy, days get longer and we’re finally good outside. The first things to do in spring that I absolutely recommend are:

  1. Take off your socks (at the first ray of sunshine ;))
  2. Go to the garden center to buy some beautiful pants with flowers and pot herbs and arrange the vases and the terraces.
  3. Have lunch in your terrace or in your garden and enjoy the first warm sun. In Rome you can eat outside already since March and it’s a pleasure not to be underestimate. I eat outside as often as I can, even alone.
  4. Start physical activity consistently, for me it was like that with Pilates, I tried, I started, and now I do not give up. Let’s find something you like and do it… with perseverance. The hardest thing is starting…but if it’s the right thing for yourselves, you will not leave it anymore.
  5. Doing outdoor activities, such as cycling and long walks on foot, it’s also a good way of sharing very pleasant spaces with our kids. Even if winter in Rome is not so cold, spring is my season to fully live the City and turn with Luna upwards to explore new places. There are so many things to see that you only need a little fantasy and a lot of craving.
  6. Inviting our friends at home for a barbecue together is part of my spring. Essential I would say… and it’s a very pleasant moment. A real party! When I make the invitation I not only make a list for the menu, but I also give a theme to the event, put some details for the table which will personalize the moment we’re going to spend. It’s useless to say I love placeholders. I always make a lot of them with Luna, sometimes funny but still themed.
  7. The change of season has been challenging for me this year, because I made an hard operation of decluttering Mary-kondo-style. I’ll surely do a post just for this later on, because it changed something in me and I highly recommend it to all of you; the book is called “The magic power of tidying-up”.
  8. Pull out all the colorful and summery cushions you have. Even your house changes season and you have to breathe the air of spring whenever you open the door, giving you a new welcome. New flowers on the table, some colorful carpet, some details in your kitchen: for example I bought some pink Nespresso caps and also a new pink orchid in my bedroom which gives immediately that spring feeling. I don’t know if you get that I love pink and flowers, flowers everywhere…
  9. Seasonal fruit is delicious in spring. Fill it up. Our family loves strawberries and berries and we dailyhave some milkshake with fruits, starting from breakfast which is the most important meal, but also for a snack.
  10. During spring fragrances are also important at home. We take off the candles and we make space for some flowery perfumes and more fresh colors. For the aromatherapy I use some essential oils made of “Fleur del Lin” of Provence which replace the perfume of cachemire that it’s more wintery but cuddly.
  11. Spring is the best moment to visit new cities. We made an amazing tour of Tuscany, where I brought Luna to visit Florence, Pisa, Siena, Pienza andMontalcino… it’s even more beautiful if you do this tour by car and really appreciate of the green lawns of d’Orcia Valley, a really intense relax. Going to the beach, instead, is very stressful during the weekend so I recommend, if you can, to go during the week so you can avoid the crowd and the long traffic. Another thing I recommend is to go to a Spa. Giacomo and I have been there a few days ago, and it’s a precious moment for the couple and for yourself, to completely regenerate. Don’t underrate the treatments they do at the spa, they are super professional and aimed to your wellness.

Have a good spring!

Viviana Grunert