What are the little things you give importance? Today Luna came back from school and gave me a sheet: mom this is for you. I thought it was a painting or something done by her for me, instead I find a handwritten note, I read it, it belongs to her music teacher: Mr. Alfred.

I read it again… I watch it… I’m amazed, it’s a simply remember for the songs that Luna has to play at the essay, but I read in these few lines so much poetry.

I receive a lot of emails from the school, nobody writes you more by hand, nor in that way; I shared it here for you because maybe someone like me can reads something special in this, that unfortunately have been lost.

I write a lot to the computer, my publishing house publishes eBook, my daughter’s diary is digital… but I miss the care for calligraphy.

How many pages I wrote between the lines of the notebooks when I was a child, I remember that if I came out of the row the page was magically torn and it quickly ended up in the trash.

Most of the time I wasn’t happy for this, but looking back I think that it was an added value, maybe this is the reason why I continue to buy books on calligraphy and compose handwritten tickets.

Viviana Grunert