Receive has always been one of the things I really enjoy doing.

From a simple tea with friends to a barbecue on the terrace, to a formal sitting lunch, I try to respect simple basic rules or if you prefer, of table etiquette.

I find that a table set according to the rules of etiquette is easier to manage, because by following those rules you can’t go wrong and then because sitting at the table, we all know where to look for the fork, the knife and the dessert spoon as a universal language.

Don’t you think?

Setting the table is a simple thing and a few gestures make it impeccably formal, while we can indulge ourselves creatively with regards to setting up (flowers, candles and placeholders), always with Style.

Below you will find simple and essential rules to make your own and apply to the table every day.

—The knife should be positioned to the right of the plate with the blade facing inward

– The spoon next to the knife

– The forks (at least two) are placed to the left of the plate

– Dessert cutlery is arranged horizontally at the top in front of the plate

– The placeholder with the name always goes in front of the plate

– The napkin is folded in the center of the plate or at the side of the fork, the simple folds of the napkin are the ones to prefer

– Glasses should always be placed diagonally

– The bread is brought to the table in special baskets and, in formal lunches is placed in the saucer, to the left of the plate in front of the forks

– The mats always at a distance of about 2 cm from the edge of the table

– When we sit at the table the napkin goes on the legs and, when we have to get up or at the end of the meal, it should be folded in 2 and placed on the left of the plate

With your Style and these very few and essential rules, receiving will be even more enjoyable.

As Coco Chanel says: fashion passes Style remains…and we like to be remembered for our Style and our “Dettagli Di Stile”, in this case at the Table.

Ph: Casa De Perrin
Viviana Grunert