A subject that I care about in my interior is the Garden Therapy, which in addition to being of great inspiration, I consider it an extraordinary element of innovation to renew our life starting from the house, which is the environment we live in extreme connection with ourselves, inserting those natural elements that give us energy and that release the effect of a walk in the garden or in the woods.

Moreover, it has been scientifically proven that it positively influences mood, self-esteem, strengthens the immune system and is even good for the heart!

After all the green has always been beneficial properties, the plants are a historic natural remedy, extremely useful and effective.

The “Therapeutic Bath in the Woods”, a real ritual linked to the Shinrin-yoku, a Japanese practice from which this trend derives, is literally the “bath in the forest”, precisely because of its regenerating effects for body and mind.

Personally I practice this ritual that I love, I have a great passion for nature and everything related to its elements, I feel very synergistic with colors, perfumes, seasons … so much that I love going to the mountains and walking in the woods in winter as in the summer, because every season offers its magic.

In Winter there is the sparkling air, the brilliance of the snow, the silence of the lethargy, the only noise of my slow and careful steps to admire and not lose even a moment of the change of colors, the sky at sunset and the picturesque landscape .

In the summer instead there is the awakening, the nature that speaks through flowers, plants, animals … and walking in the woods has a different flavor, you can enjoy more hours of light and therefore more time for yourself and your senses, in fact I give long walks just to regenerate my essence and come back more and more renewed and full of new energy.

The Garden Therapy developed by the American Horticultural Therapy Association is just that, bringing home the green of the woods and the energy of the vegetation, with the aim of removing stress, nourishing the mind, regenerating mood and self-esteem furnishing the environment with style.

Do you think that in the province of Brescia a real bioenergetic garden has been created, one of the first born in Italy, the Quistini Castle, a residence in the Rovato hills, known for its about 1,550 varieties of roses that form a labyrinth and the garden is born right next to the rose garden, a wonderful and truly evocative green oasis.

Healing Garden is perfect for both the interior and the outdoor … plants stabilized for an engaging Living Wall, plants immersed in the bookshelves, in the paintings or as a frame of the bathtub, to make relaxing even more relaxing at the end of the day or frame a special moment.

You can create completely new dedicated spaces, for example you could take wall vases and fill them with plants giving life to a wall that every day will smile, make an entire picture with the plants or energize the studio with a Moss Walls, literally the wall of moss to innovate environment and ideas and work in a completely innovative mood.

I want to give you some more details right on the Moss Wall, the moss, which is a beautiful plant … to grow at home!

The idea was introduced ten years ago by a group of Norwegian artists in an exhibition in England, they presented their creation, a wall of living moss as a bed headboard, immediately a success.

Design has become very popular and useful in interior design as a simple decoration, so much so that it can be grown directly on the wall.

The walls of moss are one of the most popular trends in interior design because of their capacity for inspiration and originality.

Plants are very popular with people and are used both to decorate spacious houses and small apartments. They are also widely used in offices, restaurants, public places such as museums and art galleries … each part corresponds to its portion of green and we all benefit from it only by looking at them.

Those who live in the city particularly nurture the desire for contact with nature and are realizing projects related to the walls of moss just to realize this connection.

Simply, today, having the forest at home is possible!

In a short time, followed by skilled designers, it is possible to realize the dream of nature always with us, to create a fascinating corner, a wall or a single specific point in your home with this fresh and soft green plant.

Among other things, it also has health benefits, the moss used for the walls is stabilized and stored. The plant is collected and stored by replacing its moisture content with an ecological and non-toxic preservative to maintain its healthy appearance and prevent the reproduction of bacteria and molds.

It is also economical, easy to install and does not require much maintenance or special care. It should not be watered because the moss absorbs moisture from the air, only when it takes on a yellow color, just spray a little water to nourish it.

The living wall is also excellent as a solution to soundproof a room and you can choose various shades of green, then wide to the imagination.

The preserved moss wall is perfect to emphasize modern interior design and inspire you by creating focal points in the living area, in the bedroom or in the corridor where the green wall is ultra chic and elegant.

I just have to wish you a Green Inspiration … naturally with Style, yours!

Viviana Grunert