To start the year in the right way and with the best energy charge is essential to debug the good intentions also at home.

So, before jump forward on what to buy and then draw a super detailed Shopping To Do List of mine ( of welcome to the new year to renovate the house in its various environments, my suggestion is to prepare first of all the space, so as to accommodate the new in places already prepared, tidy and clean.

In order to create and circulate energy at home it is essential to obtain dedicated parts just ready for innovation.

I have personally developed this concept and method and experimented it in my home in all its internal and external environment, that’s the KON MARI method, designed by Marie Kondo, Japanese writer, Decluttering Trainer and Author of the Bestseller “The magic power of reorganization” in which she explains how to organize domestic (and mental) spaces, so powerful that it has been translated into 35 languages ​​and has sold over three million copies all over the world.

It’s a book that I loved so much and that I find really effective, first of all is a good way to cheerfulness and has the potential to support us concretely in the organization and reorganization of our spaces.

I apply daily the Kon Mari, I find it a great way to schedule the mind in perspective to create the ideal environment and atmosphere and…just in this regard I want to share with you an aphorism of Marie Kondo, which I immediately made mine and which I think is an essential key to reading ourselves:

“Imagine your ideal Lifestyle”, from a state of being to a desired state…so…how do you see it?

How do you see yourself compared to the life you would like, how would you want your home to live the life you desire?

This goal not only is achievable in a few time, but is durable, something that will fully enter into your daily life, a practice that will be your partner in creating, innovating and renewing, always!

The reorganization is to be done immediately and once and for all, rather than doing a permanent job, this is the right philosophy of Marie Kondo, which considers the reorganization of spaces not an end in itself, but a way to reach a goal, to have a happier life, surrounded only by the things and the people we love most and to which we care most.

It is a natural selection supported by a solid base as a work tool.

Another device that I regularly apply in Decluttering is to carefully examine and select all the material to be reorganized…clothes, books, magazines, kitchen utensils, tools and various items…this is essential to see what feelings they send us, what energies they emanate, whether they express joy or not, if they contain the feeling of something that has done its time or if we still manage to feel connected with what we are today and therefore in line with our evolution.

Marie Kondo also suggests to give order to the order, that is, starting from the most easily manageable elements to then move on to more complex environments, ordering by category and not by room…for example, objects that evoke us emotions (souvenirs, children’s drawings, diaries, letters, photographs), let’s leave them for last, since they have an emotional impact that requires the right management time.

Marie is so effective with her method that Netflix created a series baed on her that was released in January, it’s called ‘Let’s order with Marie Kondo’, that I’ve started to see and that I recommend if you’re curious to see her working and to put into practice her advices.

Last but not least, the closing ritual, a greeting to what we had, used and loved…another wise that I have done mine and that I personally love…before leaving something that was ours, let’s say thank you for having it and then let him go serenely on his way and who knows…to someone who will use it with the same glow and love.

Good Decluttering and good innovation…always with Style…definitely yours!

Viviana Grunert