The shortest day of the year has come, December 21st, the winter solstice, and the good news is that… from tomorrow we’ll certainly have longer days. 😉

December is a month that I like very much, it will be for the the arrival of Christmas, that since there’s Luna has an even more intense and magical flavor, it will be because there will be a break from school and we can do a lot of things together, or it will be that December also someway marks the end of the year and it’s the moment to deal with ourselves and celebrate for the last year, because it is not trivial, but we’re still here and this must be celebrated.

Albero di Natale e decorazioni di Natale

I’m an enough careful person who tends to have everything under control, so, pros and cons, like all, I can already anticipate that this has been such a very good year.

I’ve been very hard with myself, I expected a lot and I can’t deny that sometimes I felt so stressed, but happy with my choices, even though at the beginning suffered or demanding, to that moment I wouldn’t come back in any choice that bring to the changes in which I’m in now. 

I’m satisfied and happy, the changes always bring a breath of freshness air and excitement, and we should all be more prone to change, at least once a year, in an area we do not like and that is worth changing.

For 2018 I already had a list of new things to undertake and challenges to face, but it will be during the Christmas holidays, in the mountains, that I’ll take some time for myself to put my goals and improvement areas in order.

Home always remains abuzz for me… things to change, to move, to review, even here I never stop, and those who follow me assiduously on my Facebook page know how much dedication I put daily. The fact of working at home every day encourages me to have a place of great inspiration and to create a honey nest for Giacomo and Luna for when they will come home from work and school.

If we’re home at Christmas, like this year, I always guess to organize parties at home.

I start thinking about table decorations from November, while I choose the Christmas menu more close to the date. Moreover, this year I decided that I would make all the gift packages by hand so that they all had the same colors, for example white and red or grey and red, but after wrapping so many gifts until this morning, I can tell you that as beautiful as they are handmade and decorated, maybe next year, at least for Luna’s gifts, I will ask a little help from the shop where I’ll buy them. 🙂

This year the most beautiful thing I learned and that I want to share with you is to accept the fact of not being “perfect” at all costs, and if I don’t want to do something, not just not to do it, but to openly express that I don’t want to do it.

I learned not to feel judged and first of all to respect more myself in the most stressful times, that was the moment when I had to let go and only needed to rest, nothing else.

Simple things, but they need a lot of inner work that made me freer and therefore happier.

I wish the same to all of you, small changes that can give you so many beautiful things and make you feel good.

-3 days to Christmas, happy as a child I wish you wonderful and relaxing holidays just like you want.

Viviana Grunert