The wallpaper, now back in vogue for a few years, if placed in the right place and in the right way, can be the added value of your home, a note of color that has the power to “warm up” the coldest and minimalest rooms and give that touch of originality able to enhance and often enhance the whole environment.

Thanks to the innovations introduced, today the wallpaper can also be used where it was previously highly discouraged, such as the bathroom and the kitchen.

I often use it also in projects of restyling studies or offices, environments that are no longer seen as cold and formal but for what they are: places where we often spend most of our time and for this must be pleasant, comfortable and possibly stimulating.

Even well-known local large cities today use wallpaper to define and sometimes emphasize their brand by commissioning also personalized and handmade: starred restaurants, boutiques of major fashion brands, nightlife clubs that resort to paper wallpaper to manage the various environments, it is not rare to find it even on all walls, “box” style.

Below is a small handbook that I hope will inspire you and advise you if you decide to make a restyling of your home using this trend:

  • In the bathroom. Today, thanks to the new materials that guarantee its resistance and humidity resistance, it is also possible to put wallpaper in the bathroom. The imagination must always be chosen according to the style we want to give to the room, taking into account the final design of the entire house. I recommend a single exotic wall, or with geometric or floral designs.
  • In the bedroom. Ideal for heating the room, you can decide to install it only on a wall, for example that of the headboard, or cover all the walls. From the lines of the French style, to the timeless floreal (of course my favorite), up to the seasonal trends, the important with soft and relaxing colors.
  • In the hallway. If you have a narrow corridor, you can take advantage of the spatial depth simulation of trompe l’oeil, by applying on one side, for example, the image of a bookcase or of an exterior where the view sweeps. It will be the valid help to give depth and make it special.
  • In the living area. Here you can always indulge. You can use wallpaper to develop particularly original and creative projects, to define and expand a room that is not too big or to create a background of great effect: here the realistic and scenic wallpapers (for example the interior of a cathedral, a moving tram …) are able to transform the wall into a sort of “window on the world”, creating a truly spectacular effect. Or the must of the moment remains a wall with a floral fantasy Macro that covers and furnishes.

See you soon, with Style … definitely yours!

Viviana Grunert