Staying home is: the new going out…

Well yeah, I did not invent it, but it’s the new trend and also my motto from always, although I didn’t know it.

I love staying at home and I take care of it because I spend lots of hours of my day, since I chose 3 years ago, after restructured my 3 office with a moving, of working from here. And if I have to choose I prefer receiving at home than going out with friends.

So, who better than me marries with motto?

And also in summer my home can become a magic place, because as my follower knows, I love following the season and the different moods to transform it and making it cozy.

Summer is relax, slow rhythms, pool baths, eggplants in any way, aperitif in terrace, dinner under the stars, coming back and leaving for the sea.

And now that I have more time also writing, writing and writing…

I wish a good day and a good summer to you too!

Viviana Grunert