September, time to come back, to start again and coming to our amazing path with a new season coming.

To us mums is time obliged to think about the Back to school for our kids, to the change of teachers, to the school’s change, to the new uniforms, to new afternoon activities, to bookings, to inscriptions, to infinite laps. This is just a minimum part of it’s waiting for us, being back after holidays means thinking about grocery, reorganize the house, fixing the balconies and terraces and thinking about the closets… another discussion to talk about in another post… but now my advice is: Decluttering.

A word that I repeat a lot to tidy up home making space by eliminating things that don’t need and that we don’t use anymore, for example I already started from Luna’s closet a few days ago.

The things to do seem infinite, and we could feel overwhelmed: I’d want to have a magic wand, come back on vacancy and having everything tidy and ready to restart with that energy I came back home.

But it’s not like that… there’s no magic wand but for me there’s the To do List.

I live for many years with to do lists, since when in 2003 me and my husband opened our first society together and we started to have employees.

The to do list is my principal instrument of survival, I have a lot, paper to do list, post-it or digital on the Iphone.

I start with a principal monthly to do list and then I have different, even a dozen for category: Luna, Candy, Me, home, blog, goals, work (also here I have 3) wish list and others…

And then I have sectors: travels, restaurants, shopping etc.

In Ibiza when we were on vacancy I published the To do Lists when I travel, that make me focused mostly on wellness than on what to do, and I received a lot of requests about my daily routine and to do list after return, so I thought to make it an article and to post it once in a while my to dos.

The exercise is easy, write down the things to do and to be focused, it helps to unload your mind and keep you soft.

I think this helps a lot to maintain not only rhythm  but to be able to do everything, and also to be concentrated in a positive and energetic state and to don’t intoxicate with a lot of thoughts.

Besides, based on the to do list, we could give priorities to move along.

Years ago I was in a training course and we were talking about goals, and suddenly the trainer asked: how can you eat a whole elephant?

All the public looks at each other wondering, the elephant is a huge animal… we didn’t have an idea.

And he said: you eat it in small pieces. 

Obviously it’s a metaphor, but it changed my way to look at goals and problems, and how to face days. Even the strong ones.

If we never start we’ll never be able to reach our goal and neither the things we have to do and we continue to delay, knowing to do it and feeling frustration and a sense of inadequacy.

But if we have a September To do list and work every single day with small actions, I’m sure we’ll do a great job and that goes for everything.

Don’t do it means losing in million things to do, not only our but someone else’s.

For me September it’s the start of the year, the moment to restart, get back in shape, restart Pilates, to plan the new season that’s coming, to write down new projects I thought about this summer.

And for you, what is September?

I wish you all to start with a great energy this month that reserve you some good surprises too.

My advice is to start this month with lightness, think about good things and something mild and silly. Give us a new beauty mask to maintain tanning and give us a shiny skin, or a relaxing scenting candle for our first hot bath in our home SPA.

First September days I always go to the hairdresser to trim a little the damaged hair from the sun and I feel reborn. So stay tuned because soon I’ll do a new post on the surprise I thought for us to enlighten a little the busy moments. 

We can do it together, don’t we?

See you soon,

Viviana Grunert