Nutcracker everywhere for Christmas 2018, from the table to the Christmas tree, to the guard outside our front door…and magically decorate our entrances.

Yes, because the story of the Nutcracker tells us about magic, intact it’s just released the latest Disney movie: The Nutcracker and the 4 Kingdoms, which features a special nutcracker among mice and princesses. This definitely amplifies the trend and you can easily find very nice objects around, from carillon to the advent calendar, to Party sets in the Nutcracker theme.

Of wood or metal choose them of quality, maybe buy one piece at a time, but imagine them as pieces to collect and choose carefully, each of them is, and must be different.

Another thing are the tree decorations that can be equal, even in glass and smaller as a dimension.

With nutcrackers I also like to decorate the table, at home I have a rectangular table and a couple of nutcrackers high on 30 cm that placed in the center are already well.

Buy them to be inserted in pairs, which make the table decorated richer, even of different sizes and above all that we both look different, but the most important thing is that they have the same series, or all in wood or both metal of the same collection, these are the ones I call ‘Dettagli di Stile’.

Every year I buy some pieces, as if it were a real collection, choosing it carefully and having already the idea of ​​where I’ll go to position the new arrivals.

The style with which I prefer them in combination is with the Tartan, but you can easily play to insert them in your every style already present.

Typically nutcrackers have colored uniforms, but you can also find them in white and silver and in white and gold version.
The last one I got is white and gold and will not go close to the others, which are instead the classics of various colors, but I have already reserved an exclusive place where it will dominate the whole scene.

See you soon…with Style! Definitely yours!
Viviana Grunert