We’re flying off to Rome; we’re coming back from an 8 days vacancy in Mauritius and what better way to write. In front of me 10 hours of flight, but fortunately it’s a direct flight.

They were amazing days, relaxing for the mind, I’m completely emptied and energized, even if physically it has been a very full week. Who knows me well know that I can’t sunbath for more than 12 minutes, so I immediately invent things to do, from water plays to water sports or anything else but not still.

I tried different new things. Firstly the Sup, which is nothing but paddling standing up on the surfboard, which I really liked. All the balance was at the center of the board, legs well ditched and you’re ready to go paddling. I tried the banana with our friends and the inflatable sofa that I’ve made with the kids, Luna and the 2 children of our friends. Everything carried quickly by a speedboat. Unforgettable, we laughed so hard.

Besides I didn’t know that Mauritius was a so big island, there are plenty things to see, but the place you absolutely don’t have to miss is the Deer Island. Super white and soft beach and shallow water for several meters and the color of the sea is transparent. The landscape is awesome, because being at the tropics is a lush island. There’s indeed a contrast of colors from bright green of the vegetation, to the blue of the sea, to the white of the beach, to the colorful flower, mountains, lakes and waterfalls… really, wow.

It is a French island, but the Mauritians speak French and English, besides the island is very big and you can find any kind of comfort, especially in resorts. There have been a rainy couple days, of which a day rained from the morning to the evening, and we took advantage to visit the island and the natural park. Another place I strongly recommend to see. They are super organized, you can visit the island and the park with quads and Range Rover, and we opted for the second choice since it was raining. We were together with some friends and we had so much fun, the place is crazy even with the rain and it was very suggestive to see.

There are natural waterfalls, the land of the seven colors which is nothing but various layers of the lava layered during the years from the “Vulcan that now sleeps”, they call is like that and they assumed different shades of color including lilac. Several animals hung around the park, including giant turtles, and there is the Zip Line.

I didn’t know what a Zip line is either until some days ago. It’s an iron rope that goes from a part of the mountain to another with a certain slope, for a length of 1.5 km, from which you can launch in 2 ways; seated and restrained with ropes, or a swan dive, perfectly lying on the stomach. I’ve done this experience with Luna in my arms, obviously restrained and both seated, and it was a terrific experience. To repeat. It’s not like it seems, everything is safe, and it just lasts some minutes, but the feeling of flying on that natural park was incredible. The rollercoaster are worse, I guarantee you that.

The temperature was perfect, a heat that raised a maximum of 30 degrees, less humid and often with a pleasant wind, with the water of 24 degrees; the evening was cooler, but still pleasant.

We visited Mauritius’ capital: Port Louis, but you can leave it out of your tour if you have something else to see. I found it very westernized, several banks and building made in glass, besides they said that informatics is the third resource of the country, and you get this in the capital.

Another interesting thing to see is the Hindu temple, with the statues that represent the variety gods dipped in this lake full of fish and joss sticks everywhere.

The believers bring gifts to the gods, they enter barefoot in the temple and let baskets, mostly food, and the bananas for the monkeys that are free to move around and that are voracious.

I’ve made a video of a monkey while eating 3 bananas one after the other in 45 seconds, you found it on my Instagram profile.

Another day we had a trip on a catamaran, in a day of heavy seas, but the fact that the coral reef runs for the entire island is a pro: at the shore you don’t feel the waves and the sea is calm. Some beaches as the ones of the first resort where we were, are full of beautiful corals that you find at the shore, candid white, amazing. With the girls we did some compositions at the beach, and then we let them go because as you know it’s forbidden to bring them in Italy.

In the second place we stayed instead, the beach had few corals; maybe it depends on the stream of the coral reef that is more and less strong.  Most of the beaches are full of palms, also on the beach, and you can find anywhere coconuts and pineapples. Indeed, coconut water and Pina Colada, without rum, were my favorite drinks on the beach.

I love coconut water drunk from the coconut just opened. I read some time ago all the coconut water’s benefits, they are incredible and they are good for us.

Rich of vitamin C and potassium, it is a cure-all at the sea, and it has a strong hydrating power and if you drink it every day you can see results on your skin, too.

Coconut is highly energetic, the only con is that is caloric, for this reason they don’t recommend of eating it after a meal, it’s great before sport, or at the beach before Sup or a beach volley game.

In the resort where we stayed we have been lucky to have a waterfront room and behind a lagoon view with pink flamingos. So in the morning the awakening was amazing and especially the feeling was to stay dipped in nature since the sounds of the animas and the different species lived there.

A typical animal of the island is the Dodo, like the symbol of the Dodo jewelry by Pomellato, I didn’t know that the animal was original of this land.

How many things you learn in a travel, how many experiences and colors impressed in my mind. I really think that travelling is priceless.

I’m coming back home to our Candy, a great energy and a beautiful week ahead that has just started and I’m really happy. Soon I’ll give you news but a thing I want to do as soon as possible is a photographic Board dedicated to Mauritius. It’ll amaze you of how this island put together 3 of my Board done until now: Floral, Jungle and Flamingo. Perfectly synergy.

Have a good Monday and a good week to all of you.

Viviana Grunert