Officially denominate by Pantone experts, the color of 2019 is definitely the Living Coral, a perfect fusion between orange and pink flamingo, the great protagonist of fashion and design trends.

So, why not use it also on house walls…?

Max Meier has already cataloged paints and glazes with a perfect tone and shade, which guarantees ourselves a sense of wellness and glow that perfectly combines even with the nuances of blue sea, total blue, green water and turquoise giving us positive vibes with its brightness and versatility.

To illuminate the room you can focus on the chromatic contrast, so paint even just one wall could be enough.

Its strength is the combination with hot-based nuances, such as mustard yellow, of which only one element is enough such as a cushion, a carpet or an armchair to soften up its power, thus creating an unusual and very chic mix.

It’s a warm and vibrant color, with a clear basic message…be sprinting and optimistic! Not by chance Living Coral is the color of exotic coral reefs, a symbol of life and wellness and also a perfect inspiration for our senses.

Its strong point is the powerful connection with nature, from the sea to the sunset, precious treasures to admire and protect.

Once you find the right combination we will have an amazing effect on interior design, the wellness feeling released daily will be very powerful with an extra element…it will not tire us so easily!

Because it celebrate every material, every detail and its versatility with soft colors and also with the white it makes the freshness emerge even more and it amplifies its natural strength.

From the furniture to the shelves, to the kitchen cupboards, passing through the accessories and objects in every room of your home…this year it’s coralmania everywhere!

Imagine a mirror with vibrant and decisive Coral details, which will give you a new image of yourself, exalting your personality every day, or a light for a soft and romantic atmosphere at the same time, or a design armchair in your living room or in the bedroom, to relax pampering yourself with color and warmth.

You just have to choose your Living Coral detail…with Style, definitely yours!

Viviana Grunert