Hello June!🍒

June is one of my favorite months, or maybe the one I love most.

It’s the month in which our daughter Luna was born, so it’s a month of great love and celebrations for me and it finally begin the good season. In this period I’m really busy preparing and planning her party that I promptly organize in our terrace with all her schoolmates and also with family friends that reach us for the birthday cake. It feels so good to entertain ourselves for a further aperitif.

It’s the month in which I officially start to have dinner in terrace. I take some candles, cushions and I set up the exterior so every detail is perfect to spend a gorgeous time outside. In this period I love to receive from the midday for an outdoor coffee until after-dinner on the terrace…the weather is good and apart from some particular Roman days in which is really hot outside, you can completely have total relax in the shade.

I already have my Jasmine bloomed on my balcony (I’ll show you some pics on my Facebook page, where I usually post styles, tips for your home and share my days with you…). Early in the morning and during the afternoon are the moments in which it feels so good to stay outside because it remains inebriated by its unmistakable scent.

Why I often talk about flowers?

Because plants and flowers are essential for me, even just for the sight, for our wellness, regardless if you have an ultra glam house or not…plants release energy, some also helps to detoxify the environment. Flowers are very good mood and immediately decorate with style.

For me that I work from home they’re absolutely essential.

The house must be lived in its entirety, even if we spend a few time at home, it remains our nest and it must convey to us the comfort that we cannot find outside.

Seasonal changes are over in this month, at least for me, therefore we start talking about the end of the school, holidays, relax and projects to carry on with good energy and not always in a hurry like these past few months where I had to speed up to keep up with hectic days.

My To-Do-Lists becomes skinnier and I finally breath full.

I’ll start putting my linen sheets that use a lot in summer with matching bedspread, and I also use these textiles on my table definitively leaving grey colors that I will resume in fall.

I love that my house follows the seasons, it gives me so much vitality and happiness. This is so necessary for all the work that we’re inevitably going to do to make our house the best place to live in!

I wish you an amazing month with Style! Definitely yours!

Viviana Grunert