In this article I want to share with you the story of a very successful woman who still today at the age of 97 is an icon of Style, source of inspiration for generations and great inspiration for me too: the New York entrepreneur and interior designer Iris Apfel.

One of his mottos is “More is more, and less is a Bore” defining the less as boring … as you know, I prefer the “Less” instead, but despite this I am very inspired by her and I admire her for her versatility and unmistakable and unequaled mind.

Its more is more Style, for this I can only share this essential concept!

He has a something that is unrepeatable and this puts me in extreme connection with his essence.

It’s one of a kind, with an eccentric style, but well dosed, with its big glasses and ultra-changing outfits, it’s never out of line, but always ultra chic.

She is sought after in many trendy sectors, from the new Barbie with its appearance, to the world of Make-Up, so much so that the well-known cosmetics brand Mac has dedicated a strictly limited-edition line that bears her signature. Even the world of motoring wanted it to be the protagonist of a commercial, the Citroen for the new DS 3.

Born in 1921, has a global popularity, is always in the forefront, ironic personality, mirror of his tireless curiosity, the same that keeps her young, has therefore been called an “Accidental Icon” and she said that she wants to be remembered as “the oldest living teenager in the world”.

It is a whirlwind of personality and innovation, so much so that in 1940 it was the first woman to dare wearing jeans, a clothing item absolutely banned for the female world, certainly not trendy in those times. He has ridden and overtaken a particular moment of history, transitory and revolutionary, bringing high female pride and bringing out many women who are passionate and inspired by her.

He always stressed that he buys clothes to wear them, not to collect them, thus affirming his tastes and his tenacity, think that he started to choose (and buy!) His clothes alone at the age of twelve!

In her career as Interior Designer, along with her husband, Carl founded a textile company and over the years, specifically from 1950 to 1992, were hired by the White House to renovate the presidential rooms for nine terms, from Harry S. Truman to Bill Clinton.

The interiors of the White House can not be changed, but only regenerated and the intervention of Iris Apfel has been requested for its exclusive role of Interior and Fashion Icon, the only one able to revisit environments of that value keeping intact the Style and the fabrics of the time.

Incredible job, that only an expert in creativity like her could have accomplished.

This is also why I chose to draw inspiration from her, for the decisive role she has had in places of prestige that are unique in the world.

I also love his aphorisms and I want to greet you with some of his quotes that have particularly struck me and that should be the mantra of each of us, for the longevity of body and mind …

“You really only fail if you do not try”

“Dress for yourself”

“Be curious and always with a sense of humor”

“Do not procrastinate and expect a fantastic result, because if the start is fantastic, the end will be fantastic”

And finally my suggestion … always think with Style … yours!

Viviana Grunert