Happy Birthday Luna! This year for you a Unicorn Party!

Luna’s birthday is an institution in my family. Indeed I’ve always loved to organize her birthday parties and everything always starts well in advance, sometimes it happened from one year to the next.

It is not difficult to organize the party, at the time when she decides the theme and I have to think about booking the animation for the party and the cake.

Every year she choose a different theme and this year has been the Unicorn theme.

I can’t hide that I’m passionate too and we already had enough material at home to set up the table.

Among various unicorns she has chosen the eyes of the unicorn with the flowers on the forehead and how can I say…I found it wonderful and I enjoyed myself too setting up all the details.

I had the invitations and the Backdrop made, which is the panel to put behind the table, on Etsy, the creative community where you can even find my works, and I made them personalize with the name of Luna and the birthday years.

I also had the Cake Topper customized to be put on the cake with Happy Birthday Luna in gold glitter…and still here I could open a separate chapter…more glitter more party, this is Luna’s philosophy.

We make together every choice and the whole organization of the party, except for a few surprise that I kept for the set-up day.

Unicorn Cake

Even the cake is her choice, in fact it was in Unicorn theme but not with the little eyes chosen for the rest of the theme, but I must say that I really was in agreement with her because she and couldn’t choose more beautiful cake, because the effect was like…Wow!

Teamwork is essential, because the task of us mothers is to make their day special, but without getting caught up in our tastes and our mania for perfection, it remains a party for children, so spontaneity and frivolousness will still make it more magical .

I like to choose the animation based on what Luna will do at the party, so we don’t choose the same ever and in these last years this has made the difference between one event and another, making it always unique.

This year I also opted for fake flowers, really a winning choice, after years of dying peonies halfway through the party, and I have to say that despite having always denigrated them, I had the good pleasure of having flowers intact on the table until the end of the party and the rocking adorned with flowers was a beautiful frame for photos, much appreciated even by mothers.

My further #vivitips is not to save on the photographer.

It always seemed excessive to take a photographer for the party but at home I’m the only one who makes the photos even at the parties of friends, but it happened to not have nice pictures or printable one because was blurred of the highlights, especially about the cake that instead it remains an indelible memory for all the years to come.

My advice is to know him before and not to recommend you from others unless you have already seen his photos and you have created a feeling, I say this at my expense. 😉

This year in fact I found the right person who was very good with both spontaneous photos that at cake time with the pictures placed, both with us and with children, and this is the best gift for our album of memories . I don’t know if I’ve ever told you, but my passion for photos is not only in making them but also in seeing them printed in our annual albums, made of unforgettable trips and events for us. It takes time and patience to select the pictures and lay them out on the albums, especially if you do thousands of them like me, but what about leafing through your hands?

The location is our home, where I love to receive and spend a lot of time with my family and friends, because as I always say ‘Being at home is the New way out’ and there’s nothing like our house to welcome and put at ease the people we care about most.

I leave you encouraging you to dare more, because you don’t need to be a Top Party Planner to organize the parties of our children, but doing things with love and Style, helping yourself with a thousand ideas online, as I also do the rest.

See you next time…with Style! Definitely yours!

Viviana Grunert