This summer between a trip and another I decided to give a new nail polish, in every sense, to my studio.

I’ve created a post on tiffany style since a few days, and if you missed it I recommend you to read it.

I loved it so much that I wanted to propose it in my energetic studio. What can I say, it’s an amazing color.

My studio is long and narrow and it seems to enter a box of Tiffany, and I can’t get use to the change, every day I go inside and I feel happy. I’ve imagined it in winter and immediately it came in my mind to hang some lights near the desk that gave me that feeling of comfort, very Hygge.

So I related to Amazon, and while I was scrolling around the various lights I got myself into these, they have clips to hang out things that we most love, from picture, to memo, to memories… and it’s been a click and after 2 days they were already hung out on my wall.

Hanging them out I found them amazing, except for the batteries, which has a switching on button, reason why it can’t be hidden and stuck who knows where.

So I tried to put it in a bag of tiffany that disguises itself perfectly with the wall and on top of it there’s the switching on button.

I love the effect.

Besides the other night I dedicated some time to print the pictures of this spring/summer to hang them out.

I recommend doing it from the Apps that you can download from your smartphone, to me is very comfortable because I have all my pictures on my phone, so I connect to my app, insert the format I want them to and it prints.

Besides some App have some minimum number of photos that are free. But only in a format and only a certain number. 

I always exceed, because when I’m into it I print over 200, also for the grandpas, I prefer doing it once in a while and then because I have the possibility to print the square format and the Instagram photos, I really like square photos. 

I put in a night after dinner on the sofa et voilà, Bob’s your uncle!

I think that pictures are a good way to decorate and personalize our homes, various formats, supports, now you can print pictures on the wall, imagine having a whole wall with your photo or made by you.

Or composition of photos… you can only playing around with creativity. If you think you don’t have dexterity look at my threads light, I wasn’t looking for the perfection to do a beautiful photo to show up here, I’ve brought my own with nails trying to give an exact shape that keeps photos and memories in a certain way.

Dare sometimes… sometimes it costs less if you dare than if you don’t.

If I didn’t like the Tiffany color after done it, what do you think it would have happened?

Another can of white paint and another day of work, maybe 2?

My studio is little so between morning and afternoon everything would have as it was before, but instead how happiness does it give me to enter every day in this place? 

My advice is to indulge some little changes sometimes, also at home, that upsets our routine and our way to stay in a surrounding. 

The little daily luxuries that we can indulge don’t have to be underestimated; they create our wellness and our happiness.

In these days of September, where everything starts, and where we think we don’t arrive or to never finish, there are things that we don’t have to miss, the attentions towards ourselves.

Last night after a day made of thousands things including preparing bags, I closed up in my bathroom to do a scrub and a mask and I immediately felt better.

So our skin will benefit but also our spirit, we stop, we breathe and then we’re ready to continue the night with our family.

Why in a blog of decor I always talk about beauty and attentions towards us?

Because if you are good outside, we’ll be good inside and vice versa and we can give energy to everything that surrounds us. 

It all starts from us, and we have to be good to carry on everything.

Have you ever been in a nice house, but anonymous and at the same time finding the homeowners energetic and engaging, so that even the house emanates wellness?

We’re good sitting on that sofa we’d never buy, but it’s almost better than our design… why?

That’s the reason why I think the cure that we put in ourselves we need to put in our house too, in our family, and in everything that surrounds us; we make the difference, and around us we build our dream house. And not vice versa.

See you next time with Style, definitely yours!

Viviana Grunert