Today, according to the calendar, spring comes in, but since the forecast is hostile, I decided to delay our celebration of the new season by a few hours and dedicate myself to celebrate Happiness… because this should never be postpone. 💝

So what I want to tell you is:

Hello Happiness!

Let’s share happiness, a smile, a beautiful thing…

This year, according to the ranking of the “World Happiness Report”, the title of the happiest population of the planet is given to the Norwegians.

And do you know what?

The first rule to be happy is to tidy up, based on the book “The Blue Zone of Happiness”.

Indeed it seems that getting rid of the unnecessary generates a lot of benefits to the humor, so if today you are at home and you have time, be happy and tidy up your home.

Even the climate has its own benefits on happiness, indeed the advice is to spend as much time as possible in nature or to simulate it at home, how?

There’s a comeback of natural materials, put some plants as much as possible, compatibly with your environment. Also have pets generates happiness and get us in touch with nature.

Last but not least, the light: essential and vital.

When you choose a house, the first thing to look at is the exposure, get rid of the heavy curtains and place the rooms in order to have the natural light depending on the moment of the day in which you live it, for example the bedroom has to be placed at east, where the sun rises.

If we are alone, let us dedicate ourselves a space without a smartphone… let’s play some music or meditate even just a few minutes.

Let’s invite friends, sharing true and sincere always has great benefits on psyche and mood.

Lastly, let’s celebrate happiness. Every day, this is our chance.

I wish you an amazing and happy day!

Viviana Grunert