Given the roman summer heat, before my departure, I remain on green and blue tones, prosing you my new Inspiration Board Tiffany color.

Tiffany color is a really recognizable color now but also indefinite.

Someone says Tiffany blue like me, someone Tiffany green, honestly it’s a really particular and unique color.

The color is a mark registered by a jewelry company which detains the registered mark and copyright.

Pantone is the only one to have the code Tiffany color for the paintings.

And now I have for you a new Tiffany project and I want to tell you how it was born.

A few days ago in my studio a mirror fell down breaking into pieces, and leaving a bad track on the wall that I immediately thought of repaint. But it immediately came in my mind the idea of using a color different from white.

I’m a big fan of white walls, absolute, I always think that you add color with accessories, décor elements and paintings. Only in Luna’s bedroom she has a lilac wall because she chose this shade that matched perfectly with the horse sticker we attacked last year.

The color I chose to repaint my studio is Tiffany, because being long and narrow, with a window in front, it will give me the feeling of entering a magic box when I’ll be inside working.

tiffany stile decor

I recommend not only to cultivate magic during the years, but to make it become a mood.

It should be a part of us, of our life and so let it emerge in our house, in the environment we use the most.

These heat summer days are so warm but the willing to change doesn’t abandon me, indeed I find that summer is the best moment to do some work at home, tiding up, repainting, moving, throwing and projecting.

So I personally went to Leroy Merlin, with my Tiffany box in one hand and I have had the color done with a dyer meter. Thing that you can do too, simple and quickly.

I chose a shade that doesn’t need a primer, which I recommend, so the painter will do less work and finish faster.

I bought a veneer to repaint an old trunk I always have in my studio, but that one, I want to do that on my own.

I have never had a client or a friend that wanted to use Tiffany at home and I’m happy to try this new shade at home, I want to try the effect before proposing it in a new project.

Tiffany is a color used for marriages, and only recently in Italy you came to see something in décor.

A few time ago I was looking for cushions but I haven’t found the right shade of the color. There’s everything and more but when you look for something you can’t find it.

During the research I had found some kitchen aid of this color and other kitchen objects, but obviously I didn’t need anything of this. I wished for cushions for my sofa that I didn’t find in my English online shops.

So I had abandoned the idea in that moment… and now here it is.

I’ve passed from some décor elements to a completely painted room.

You can color anything of this color.

I’ll use the color with white and aluminum predominance for the design furniture that I have in my stydio, but for the chest I’ll use a mauve pink shade for wood that seemed marvelous.

I like the matching with pastel colors, very relaxing and creative for a working environment.

I imagine myself this autumn while I’m writing on my computer with my tea and my candle mauve rose burning, finding inspiration for my blog.

Besides this color matches not only to a classic style but also modern, good for a studio, a kid’s bedroom, a bedroom and a walking closet, and also in a bathroom…

For every surroundings the color has to be handled in different ways, it must be measured in some environment, and in some others it must be dared.

For the rest, use creativity.

Let’s reflect on one thing: a colored wall can change the room and influence our mood, and when we’re tired 2 hands of veneer and we can change the color, or we came back to our white or a neutral color.

So I wish you a summer full of color and energy to prepare your house to another winter.

Let me know what is your color mood of the moment and in which room you’d use this color.

See you next time… with Style! Definitely yours!

Viviana Grunert