2018 is the undisputed affirmation of Floral Style, the floral style …

It is definitely the most wanted Style and the most beloved also for me. Maybe you’ve guessed it!

From Carlo Cracco who, in his restaurant in the Gallery in Milan, wanted it on his hand-painted wallpaper with large floral corollas, to Hermes that at the Milan Design Week had the sidewalks colored with his prints, including the floral one.

From Gucci who launched the Home Decor line in September 2017 and stands out with the much appreciated and photographed Gucci Garden fantasy, to continue in the interior and in Design, at Design Week my eyes fell on the elegant Bisazza Mosaic, with maxi flowers that can be inserted in both contemporary classic and luxurious bathrooms.

I have included in my Inspiration Board on Floral Style also the Madia of Driade called Ziqqurat, that I included in my project of April for an important modern and design beach house but where, together with the owners, we wanted to insert particular pieces, and how not to propose this beautiful floral sideboard?

My distinctive sign of every project! 🙂

As my husband says: you think about flowers, and maybe you’re right …

For the ceramics and the table Werdgwood and Richard Ginori remain my strongholds, for a refined, romantic and timeless table, from breakfast to dinner.

If you want something evergreen these are my Must Have!

If you are looking for something floral for a daily table and to use more lightly there are many Brands that have married the floral, including Zara Home, and if you are looking for something special write me, I will advise you with Style!

Floral Style

Valdo, for its prosecco rosè 2018, repeats another edition of Floral print, the Floral Edition 2018 and I buy it only for this bottle so cheerful and stylish, given that I find it good and not binding … and now I will explain you how.

I recommend to always have a bottle in the fridge, for a cheers at sunset or in the pool, or for an aperitif on the terrace, even those the last minute one, when you had little time to organize, but friends are already ringing at the door, I guarantee you will be a great success. Moreover, it is also combined with the Jungle and Exotic Style, so the floral is not bound to a total look.

All the big fashion brands have paraded with the floral line this season, and the one that struck me as eccentricity was Moschino, who dared with clothes that really looked like flowers, as well as one that I personally saw in the boutique all covered with flowers, it definitely seems created with the flowers of my logo, simply wonderful … if it were not so flashy I would seriously consider of buying it!

Do you think is eccentric?

You can always find it in my Inspiration Board Floral Style 2018.

To my attention could not miss stores and shops, and London tea rooms who made their entrance of fresh flowers and the pink color of the facade the success of the place, in the picture there’s my favorite one, that of Peggy Porshen Cakes.

There are places that have become the most instagramed of always just because they have inserted a cascade of flowers on the facade. Do you understand how important decor is even for the success of a place? And me too, personally when I have a few time I like to take care of my plants and my waterfall of roses that I see every day from the window of my living room.

It relaxes me and makes my home more beautiful.

I leave you with a picture of the flower world…because it represents how I see it! 🙂

I found this beautiful image by chance and I decided to insert it last minute in my Board and is by: il floricultore.it

See you soon…with Style! Definitely yours!

Viviana Grunert