Welcome back Tartan!

Evergreen country chic so cool in this season.

A country by now customs cleared, which adapts fully to other styles and even more elegant environments, winning refinement and originality.

It’s more present in woolen fabrics, but being very versatile, lately it is also used for other materials.

I will tell you some interesting details about the origins of the Tartan which, as you know, historically finds its roots in Scotland.

Instead, if you jump into history, you discover ties with Austria and even with China where a few thousand years ago, you could have found the woven wool with geometric patterns typical of Kilt.

The English word Tartan derives from the French tiretain, referring to the weaving of the fabric as opposed to the plain colored cloth.

Today, however, the tartan corresponds to colorful and variegated patterns, even if originally it did not have to be at all like this, quite the opposite: it was defined as solid color!

The fabric we know today was built around the seventeenth century, when it became common among the inhabitants of the Highlands, the Highlanders, of which became a symbol of belonging, while for the other Scottish regions was associated with the specific region.

Think that the first tartans were even colored with local tree extracts, berries, roots and specific plants of the place.

The use of the more widespread Kilt instead dates back to the eighteenth and nineteenth century, therefore more recent.

moodboard Tartan

The best known Kilt, that is the typical Scottish skirt, is made of tartan with threads of different colors that are repeated with a defined pattern, equal both in the warp and in the weft.

The blocks of color are repeated vertically and horizontally in a distinctive pattern of squares and lines that, intertwining, give the appearance of new colors mixed by the original ones.

The Tartan is now a must also on the catwalk, the greatest exponent has always been the stylist Ralph Lauren and, after several years, he proposes the protagonist of different garments not only in shades of red, but also daring in purple and green and involving even the accessories, so as to become “adornment” of jackets and shirts to confirm the fact that, despite the variety of colors is easy to match, in perfect tone with green, black, blue, even with gold, even in Home Decor use Tartan with a masterly style, my favorite piece of this year is his dishes.

As usual during Holiday Sundays, even this year I organized my Christmas Tea and…guess what?

I chose the Tartan Style theme!

I was particularly inspired by combining my clothing with the whole mood of the event, finding a good combination also in setting up the table and the environment with my details of Stile..naturally Tartan!

Therefore, my suggestion is to take it at the table, combining the variety of colors of the tartan in perfect harmony with your environment, thus fueling your creativity.

See you soon…with Style! Definitely yours!

Viviana Grunert