I’ll tell you about my special tea at Babingtons on Thursday afternoon with my family.

I don’t know if any of you remember the Christmas Tea experience, this is instead the Victorian Cocktail Party where the tea is inserted in the most famous cocktails, in my favorite roman tearoom at Babingtons Tea Room.

I wanna tell you about the table and its amazing cups and old tea sets that are terrific, different one from another, I wish I photographed all the tables because each one had his own beauty! All the silverware and the sewn napkins reminds me of the napkins my grandma used to sew when I was little. I still have them and I love using them nowadays.

Lights are suffused inside that’s why the pictures I took didn’t have bright colors, but I hope you will seize the moment.

Right after we took our places, they served us a delicious elder flowers-flavoured water and then ice tea and poncho. Then you can order optionally a revisited cocktail with inside tea and passion fruit, or any other else always with tea inside, and by the way also the presentation is very treated in details.

We also tasted some typical english sandwiches called Finger Sandwich, and salted cupcakes with english cheese.

In the background, the sound of the arches accompanied us all night long, which is perfect for the atmosphere, so pleasant and relaxing.

The owner is a very special person that I already had the pleasure to meet, and often she keeps asking Luna if everything was okay and if she wanted something particular extra menu.

This made me think that the attention they put on the silverware and the presentations, goes beyond everything: her guests are the protagonists.

At last they served us sweets and the cake you see in this pictuer, accompained by a special tea that I’m gonna tell you about.

For Harry and Megan’s marriage, Babingtons made a very limited tea, just 120 packs to the public and they gave them as a gift for the marriage this amazing Bland called “On the wings of love”.

This tea is very particular, it contains the most favorite ingredients of the royal couple. Some of them are:

For Harry there are some mixtures that remind of African flavors, where is very aware with his humanitarian missions and for Megan peony which is her favorite flower.

Inside there’s also lemon, as the wedding cake that was based with lemon, and at last a very precious touch: gold 24 carats.

The taste was very pleasant and particular, I had to congratulate about the mixture not so easy to handle so that its taste ended up being fine and delicate!

The Victorian Tea is always so lovely and it’s amazing to do with the family. It lasts 2 hours, where you talk, you taste, rhythms are slow, it seems to be in another epoque.

Luna, my daughter who’s going to be 9 in a few days, is very happy to go ther and when it’s all over, she always asks me: “When the next?”

Wishing you an amazing hot weekend, with style! Yours!

Viviana grunert