Many of you are already on vacation. I’m out there too and I think of you. Always having some ideas to suggest you, because you know that while relaxing our brain is more creative.

The day before yesterday I was talking to a friend of mine who wanted to give a dinner in the garden, at home, but given the number of guests expected a standing dinner, but she wasn’t convinced because of the few sessions.

I recommend her to have a dinner sitting on the grass, with nice drapes and pillows, which now are sold at great prices, and with an effect that guests will not forget.

Among other things to make the idea I looked for a photo on Pinterest and I found this, which is the one that comes closest to the idea that I had in mind and that even uses mats and summer carpets, which maybe many of us have already in the house or in the seaside homes.

The effect lights at the top will be the effect that will give magic to the evening: when you turn it on everything will sparkle.

On the table some candle with light and flowers typically garden or field will complete the whole. For the flowers used glass jars all different, I recommend bass. In case you have long used them, they can contain only one flower, so that those who sit in front of you can talk with you looking in your eyes.

I call it the ‘Deconstructed’ and Magical table.

You can also use all different dishes, or dishes of paper but high quality – banned plastic – now they produce beautiful and among other things you can choose them and give a further ‘mood’ to the evening under the stars.

Take advantage to receive calmly and carefree, making your guests feel the relaxed energy of the evening.

Do not you find yourself heated and breathless as after a marathon … I suggest you organize a todo-list with priorities and schedule things you can do before and things to leave for the last phase of the evening, before arrival of the guests. Including a retouch to the hair and makeup of the landlady and a change of dress.

I wish you wonderful dinners and a sparkling summer with lots of lights and candles to decorate your exteriors and your evenings in the open air.

See you next time…with Style! Definitely yours!

Viviana Grunert