Summer 2018, trend is definitely the Exotic or Tropical, where the leaves are the main element to which a mix of precise elements turn around and that I will talk about in this article.

I am passionate about this trend that is not so seasonal, and we don’t find it only on cushions and accessories, but entire rooms are decorated with wallpapers that give a magical allure even to the most classic or minimal interior.

We talk about this style proposed with large, exotic leaves, generally palm trees, but also large green leaves of many tropical species.

moldboard summer 2018

A style proposed at the table, with dishes decorated with these beautiful leaves, such as the Rosanna Botanical Collection, or for a more informal and fast table such as a last minute party by the pool we can use the dishes of Talking tables, which are of paper but high quality and time for lunch and they will not have got tired of it.

For the mise en place I only use the gold-colored cutlery that give that a glam and more refined touch.

At the table is excellent if you have great wooden accessories, such as bowls, trays, salad cutlery, wood is perfect with this style.

We can put the leaves on the wall with beautiful wallpapers, or illuminate a classic studio with a big painting, let’s give space to the imagination…

In the Moodboard that I created I put my favorites on this Style.

I love exotic with pink and gold, with the base of green leaves you can add different ‘Dettagli di Stile’, as for example: birds, pineapples, flowers, cacti, flamingos and toucans.

Only one by one.

I like a pinch of animalier, but it must be dosed, so be careful.

I have photographed you an example of my table with gold placemat, gold cutlery, animalier glasses and cactus. The perforated gold placemat is essential to create a more informal and less demanding table, every day.

The version with the green leafy placemat is certainly more suited to style, but to make a change I like to insert some variations, I used it last year for the jungle style, you can search it here on the blog and read the details and the differences compared to this style.

My advice is always to start from what you have at home and buy a few things that immediately give the idea of ​​the Style you have chosen.

In the case instead it’s love let’s introduce one element at a time and not all of them together, remember that Less is More, always it is!

I admit I’m an addict of this Style, but having a house already with a well-defined Style, I had to dose only at the table and some pillow on the rocking chair outside, instead I will take this passion on vacation given that I also find the Saint Barth bag with exotic leaves. 😉

Together with the bag I chose to take a photo with my luminous garland of flamingos that adds a pink touch to the picture with the golden leaves. Anyway…let’s go back to the colors I was talking about at the beginning, which then are the ones I had proposed to you after the Milan ‘Salone del Mobile’ 2018 with this color palette. Do you remember?

If instead you’re looking for an exotic and less demanding Style, I recommend you to buy some broad-leaved plants, to be placed next to the armchair or a chaise longue, as I had posted on the Facebook page in which I talk about Decor ideas and inspirations every day.

Remember that green is a magnificent color to be used if you seek calm and relaxation and balance, even in only some moments of the day, and plants, the real ones, create a detox environment, especially in places where there are many technological objects such as living areas and studies.

See you soon…with Style! Definitely yours!

Viviana Grunert