This fall has been rich of ideas and projects for me.

Some projects made me confused, sometimes establishing priorities has not been easy.

Let’s also consider the fact that when women work, they don’t just focus on one single thing, but to everything intertwines with family life and our personal needs.

Sometimes I start writing, usually after lunch, when my phone rings less and my errands and appointments are done, I look at the time and I have to get Luna at school.

So save it, close it and think about it tomorrow… and often that tomorrow isn’t tomorrow and days are passing.

We’re already in December and two months are literally flown, but I have clear in mind the things I don’t have to neglect in my autumn… and I’m sure a lot of them are familiar to you too.

The things to have in this season, the so called “Must haves” are determinant for our humor; others for our wealth because they simplify our life or simply make us feel good.

If it’s an object that ease our life, that relaxes us, or that makes it nicer is irrelevant… the important is the purpose!

So here you have the schedule:

  1. A warm and soft blanket

To keep it on the sofa or on our armchair.

This fall the trend is large knitted plaid with infinite tutorial to do them personally on your own. No excuse, we can have our warm and beautiful plaid.

  1. Candles

A burning candle can do miracles I think.

When we’re alone: it can keep us company with its warm and alive flame.

When we’re in company: let them create a hot atmosphere and it’s better if it scents.

I advise against them when you’re having dinner.

  1. Buy a good wine.

Buy a good wine and drink it as an appetizer together with some cheese.

The essential is having at home some bottle in addition, easy to combine with these occasions that warm up the atmosphere which becomes soon friendly. When I have time I prepare some appetizer when my husband comes back home after a long day of work.

It’s easy: prepare everything on the coffee table. An informal occasion to tell him “welcome back”.

In a tray put the bottle of wine and 2 glasses, if the wine is red and you have the classic Boule glass is better, even the sight together with the taste wants its part.

Then put some bowls full of knots and a cutting board with sliced cheese; if you forgot to buy cheese even Parmesan will be as good.

  1. The camembert.

It’s one of my favorite cheeses and it’s easier to get it in autumn… and above all camembert and red wine is a combination that I find irreplaceable in this period.

I love cheese, often when we’re out for dinner I take a cutting board to sample new ones and I could go on forever. The camembert, besides, is one of those nimble soft cheeses that also blended on a slice of bread or on croutons with honey is one of my must.

  1. Cushions for the sofa in cloth, wool, velvet or eco fur.

To prepare us to winter, what I love doing is to give a visible touch in my house that it’s not only for the eyes but also tactile. I love cushions that aren’t made of linen.

This year I’m a little late on the quest because I had estimated to change the sofa and it was important before establishing the colors. The sofa has been ordered and now I can indulge.

The cushions are that element of décor that can change an old sofa, or even better make a stiff sofa comfortable. I love changing them often and for this reason I don’t spend a lot of money on them, and it’s true that now you can find cushions of any type at any price, so let’s go for it.

  1. The coiffeuse or the dressing table.

For this season there’s the coiffeuse on my wish list.

I don’t wear that much make up, but it’s an element of design that I really like, and especially in a small place we can have an element of welfare.

An object extremely feminine and of great comfort, I don’t know you but I don’t like doing my makeup standing up in the bathroom so often I use the desk in my office.

Everything that lets us take care of ourselves gladdens our days, with small actions in a few minutes in the right place; the result of our action can radically change.

Don’t need a lot of space and large furniture, but the right furniture in the spaces we own.

Have you ever been inside a boat? Small spaces super equipped and comfortable. You just need to handle the spaces in your house so that we find this comfort we need.

Tea is for me not only a drink, but also a moment that I dedicate to myself or that I pleasantly share with people. In fall days it is often a cuddle in mid-afternoon, when it gets dark outside, but the day is still long.

To me it’s a must have to have in your home and besides it’s good for you.

It blends the break we take for ourselves and a moment of hydration of the body, and as I always sustain, we don’t need great things to be happy, but small thing in the right place.

Until the next time… with style! Yours!

Viviana Grunert