Good morning!!! ☀️

Today in Rome the day is cold but beautiful, the sun is finally full and this is what I missed most in these last weeks.

Today I want to talk to you about how to plan April’s housework without stress.

My first thought of this morning was my terrace, I have a lot of works to do after the snow and this unusual cold for my city and when I’ll come back from Easter holidays I will surely start working on it.

Work on the terrace relaxes me and as many of you will know it’s exactly that minimal contact with nature that we can have at home, we blow off steam and especially enjoy the magnificent result we will obtain.

I already know that I’ll have to do more than one trip from the garden center to home, but April is the month in which I dedicate my energies to this intense restyling.

Every April I also predict the maintenance of the terraces with the painting of the wooden parts and the maintenance of the plasters, to provide 2/3 working days each season for ordinary maintenance.

Planning the works in advance allows you to set the dates of the works with your plans and to find some specialized people free for you.

The house need maintenance both inside and outside and planning helps you avoid stress and to take care of everything among the various daily task.

Let’s ask for help, take out the list of our loyal providers and then paper and pen ready to plan the final touches so that our house will be invaded by a pleasant spring!

Have a good day to you all with Style… definitely yours! 🌸

Viviana Grunert