Summer is coming, and for me is: Jungle Style

The air perfumes of summer… and yeah, we’re close and with this heat fresh flowers last less at home, so what to do to have energetic house?

I, as you know, work from home and I love surrounding myself of green, flowers and natural things.

In this season (at the very first heat), I go crazy for the Jungle Style, that already from the last summer I ought something, and guess by where I began?

From the table… leaves, leaves everywhere and I put together also some animalier glasses that match with the style. For the other night dinner I’ve put things I already had, and new entries. As flowers I put some fuchsia bougainvillea that I have on my balcony, that dampen a little giving that natural touch and give personality.

There’s nothing more beautiful that a grown flower rather than bought, but unfortunately not always is possible.

Another flower I’d seen well in this table is orchid with white and small flowers. Very chic matching, more sophisticated but this is up to you. Remember that a table that speaks, it communicates your effort and your attention for the guest, the love you have for your house and the time you spent to compose it, now, is even more important than what you would have payed.

So my advice is always: attention for details, starting from the cloth napkins that are always a lookout and that unfortunately are less used.

Nature at home is everywhere, this is Jungle style. Besides I recently discovered that it does exist a blogger movement about this trend:

https://www.urbanjunglebloggers.comis a mix between designers and decorators with plants. If you like the style you can’t miss it.

Emerald is the protagonist and leaves are essentials, tropical fantasies are not excluded. Also Hermes did an accurate collection.

In my Board I put a Hermes foulard that is perfect for this mood, but in his Home collection Hermes was at his best. Even if in a more classic version.

While if you want a fresh and quick solution I recommend starting from pillows, they decorate fast and you can find them of any price. The best is for sure a wall sticker, here I put “Let’s get lost”, and that I found funny, you can find it on:

This is an idea to substitute wallpaper that maybe the entire year can be too much, and can be boring. But for the less fickle, it’s not my case, creating a green angle at home with only a wall, can be a nice and original idea, it would create a relaxing and harmonic room. I recommend it in the bathroom; it gives a Spa effect, relaxing and energetic but with a touch of color, a choice of style not insignificant.

The color is important for our mood and it’s not lame.

During the last years we have become more minimal, and I don’t deny that I adopted it, but with the passing of time I added colors, in order to give each room its identity. This is because each room plays a different function and has to give us different energies.

I’m obviously talking about colors. The style, generally, has to remain unique for the whole house, but some details on some furniture, or on some walls, add our touch.

Now besides is easier to personalize a house. You can do that in an afternoon, you just need to have your board in mind, or if you have time do it, later on I’ll do an article on how you can do a quick and easy one.

Here on top I’ve put some H&M home candles, this because all the trendy styles are used from the biggest brands, so in Fashion. There is so much choice without paying a lot, but to enrich our house with that extra touch.

Cactus di GuframTo this style you can add some design piece, what so you think of the Gufram Cactus? In a total white house it would be great, obviously emerald. It’s a piece that I love, it can be used inside and outside, I’ll guarantee you that it doesn’t go unnoticed.

The colors I choose to create a harmonic palette, but not banal, for this style are:

  1. Green
  2. White
  3. Fuchsia or yellow or purple (in this case one of the three mixed with white or green
  4. Animalier
    Play with colors, mix them, and don’t be afraid to dare. What can happen?

Nothing! But before adventuring it’s better to have these 3 things in mind:

Let always start from an idea and don’t get carried from shopping while you’re at Zara Home (I’m speaking from experience!)

Define your style starting from few elements

Stick with the color Palette you should have defined at the beginning (otherwise you risk of doing a potpourri far from your initial idea)

Less is more (as in all the things, use this motto, it always works)

If you have some ideas write it down so we share it, I’m curious to know whether or not this Jungle Style liked you.

See you next time… with Style! Definitely yours!

Viviana Grunert